Organizations and individuals today are increasing their usage of online surveys as a tool to reach people for feedback and opinions due to competition, improvement of services and products, research, policy making, and many other reasons. The growth of Internet access through various electronic devices has further helped online surveys to reach more and targeted participants. As a response to the strong market demand for online surveys, we have explored the field of online surveys as well as existing solutions, which has led us to gain a unique understanding about the survey and to develop AllCounted — a new solution in stark contrast to the rest in the online survey industry.

Our research shows that people communicate in two fundamental ways in terms of content and structure. One is fluid conversation with little or no predefined topic or structure — this is how people communicate daily in almost all activities. The other is communication with fixed topic and structure — this is where surveys comes into play and is the only efficient method to measure collective opinions from a large group of people. We firmly believe that surveys are a fundamental way of human communication and should be free and open to all. This belief is the foundation of everything we do and is why we are different from our competitors.

We are a big believer in content sharing and believe that each survey might be an asset helpful to others. We think that the success of a survey should not be solely based on the proper design of questions, number of responses collected, and the accuracy of results. When permitted, each survey can be potentially useful to other people such as researchers, information seekers, decision makers, survey authors, and the general public. We believe that the full value of a survey can only be achieved when it is accessible to broader audience. To this end, AllCounted was built with the goal of sharing surveys securely and to the maximum extent.

Unlike our competitors, we don't believe that survey participants are a data generation tool or that a survey is a one-time data collection process between the survey creator and participants. We believe that a survey is an social activity for people involved. Because of these differences, we provide various tools, including social networking, to participants and other users to allow them to manage information, build relationships, and stay connected. These features will empower our users.

What makes us different? In short, our competitors only provide a fee-based tool for online surveys, and AllCounted is an integrated platform that was designed and built to:

  • provide a completely free, full featured, and powerful tool for online surveys,
  • turn surveys and results into organized, searchable, and secured online resources,
  • enable users to network to build relationships or to make surveys among themselves easily.

In summary, AllCounted is a 100% free survey website that has integrated online surveys, public opinions, a survey database, and social networking in one platform to serve and empower individuals, schools, non-profits, businesses, and governments.

At AllCounted, we are proud of our product and services but we know there is always room for improvement. We would love to hear from our users and strive to provide the best possible support we can. Our purpose is defined by listening to them and by the continual improvement of our products and services. This strong desire to listen and to serve is the foundation and driving force of AllCounted.

As a company, our mission is to empower people by making online surveys available to everyone, on every device, on every topic, in every language. Our vision is to become the world's central place for communication through online surveys. Our core values are passion, excellence, integrity, and teamwork.

Founded in September, 2015, AllCounted is incorporated in the state of Delaware and is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, USA.

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