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করোনা সম্পর্কে জ্ঞান
Conference for Setting Business Goals
Dabur 2020-21
Percentage of Women in Engineering Sectors
The Notebook Survey (
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A quick and easy survey on your choice of notebooks
The Notebook Survey
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This survey is for evaluating the course and the performance of the respective faculty members for the course titled CSE 101, section 3 lab. BRAC University appreciates your time and input to evaluate the faculties who have conducted courses you have taken this semester. Please be assured that your responses are to be tabulated in the aggregate and are completely anonymous after you submit the form. Your response cannot be traced back to you.The responses are reported as a class average.We enco...
Faculty Performance and Course Evaluation for CSE 101 Section 3 Lab
Supermarkets are providing lots of facilities which lead most of the middle class and upper class people depend on supermarkets rather than depending on departmental stores for their daily commodities. As supermarkets are providing a hygiene environment where people can easily buy their daily life commodities in an affordable price which are arranged in a systematic way. My assumption is that consumers are now diverting themselves from departmental stores to supermarkets. I will conduct survey o...
Consumer behaviour towards supermarket.
This survey question has been designed to obtain a clear view on ”Young Peoples’ View on The Position of Folk Music in Bangladesh in The Present Time”. This survey is a part of research project that needs to be completed for the course Eng 105 at North South University, Dhaka. Your honest response is most appreciable and will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Thank you for your cooperation in filling out this questionnaire.Pleas tick the best option:
Young People's View on Folk Music in Bangladesh
This survey intends to find out if increased Facebook usage in Bangladesh has a positive impact on human rights promotion and activism in Bangladesh.
Facebook and implications for human rights in Bangladesh (for organizations)
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