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MPC-Tech Report Night Shift (1742 responses)
This report enables the collection of data for reporting purposes
MPC-Tech Report Night Shift
Perceptions in Genealogy (1667 responses)
This survey is designed to collect information about perceptions in genealogy. The anonymous responses will be aggregated into shareable data to be used in a presentation at the Association of Professional Genealogist Professional Management Conference.
Perceptions in Genealogy
Motherhood, Social Media Use, and Emotional Well-Being (1553 responses)
Thank you for taking part in my survey that measures motherhood self-esteem, emotional health, and social media use. Results will be used as a research tool for furthering our knowledge about the impact of social media use on the motherhood mental health. Please answer every question. Your submission of this survey implies your consent to take part in this research. Thank you for your time!
Motherhood, Social Media Use, and Emotional Well-Being
The propensity of the travelers regarding their age with various attributes to select Low Cost Carrier in Hong Kong 旅客的年齡及其他相關因素對選擇廉價航空公司的影響 (413 responses)
We are undergraduates of BBA International Shipping and Transport Logistics in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In order to understand the consumers’ behavior towards the Low Cost Carrier (LCC / Budget Airlines) market in Hong Kong, we would like to collect relevant information for academic and research purposes. All the data collected will be kept confidential. Thank You. 您好,我們是香港理工大學國際航運及物流管理的學生。為了解現時顧客對香港廉價航空公司(廉航)的消費模式,我們希望能夠收集相關資料以作學術及研究用途。所有收集資料將保密處理。謝謝。
The propensity of the travelers regarding their age with various attributes to select Low Cost Carrier in Hong Kong 旅客的年齡及其他相關因素對選擇廉價航空公司的影響
Radio en internet. (376 responses) Radio en internet.
Short survey about flying and climate change (351 responses)
This short survey is about flying and climate change. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes, probably even less. There are questions about how much you fly and whether the actions of others could influence this. There are no right or wrong answers to the survey questions so please feel free to answer as honestly as possible. By completing the survey you confirm that you are over 18 years of age and that you are taking part willingly. You are free to withdraw from the research at any time. Thank you! You can start the survey below. Or here's a bit more information about the research... The survey is part of the research for a Masters degree dissertation. Name of researcher: Steve Westlake. Place of study: Birkbeck University. Email: steve.westlake@gmail.com Tel: 07793 143093. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or contributions. Name of supervisor: Dr Melissa Butcher, Email: m.butcher@bbk.ac.uk Tel: 020 3073 8456. If you have any concerns about this research or how it is conducted, please contact Dr Butcher. Confidential and anonymous: The results of the survey will be used for analysis and included in a report that may be published, but your name (if you provide it - you don't have to) and answers will remain confidential and anonymous.
Short survey about flying and climate change
Investigación para la intencionalidad de consumo de McDonald´s (224 responses)
El cuestionario tiene como objetivo investigar la intencionalidad de consumo de McDonald´s en los habitantes de Quilpué y las comunas aledañas.
Investigación para la intencionalidad de consumo de McDonald´s
社會人士才藝學習需求調查 (215 responses)
您好,這份問卷是關於一個全新的才藝學習模式,我們希望提供社會人士更舒適、更有趣的才藝學習環境 本問卷一共包含12個問題,填答時間大約3~5分鐘,作答的內容皆不會外流,請您安心填答,感謝您的幫助!
Colchester United Supporter & Stadium User Equality Survey (213 responses)
We'd like to find out more about our fan and customer base at the Weston Homes Community Stadium.. Colchester United have always been proud of our community engagement, both on matchdays and in the many other events we hold at the Weston Homes Community Stadium. We are keen that we are an all inclusive and welcoming club and venue and are busy working towards achieving the EFL Equality Code of Practice, the minimum standard for Equality and Inclusion within Football. The Equality Code of Practice is a whole club initiative developed in consultation between the EFL, clubs and many other external organisations (such as Kick It Out and Level Playing Field) and forms part of EFL’s commitment, to the whole game English Football Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Action Plan, which is reported back to Government. Through this initiative, we hope to improve the experience for everyone who visits the Weston Homes Community Stadium or our other venues by eliminating all forms of discrimination, be it direct, indirect, harassment or victimisation, by the promotion of the nine protected characteristics prescribed by the Equality Act 2010 – age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, sex, pregnancy & maternity, religion or belief, race and sexual orientation.
Colchester United Supporter & Stadium User Equality Survey
PsyQue Encuesta (208 responses)
La siguiente encuesta se realiza con la intención de conocer y saber, sobre el pensamiento de las personas del estado de Querétaro, en relación a los servicios de atención psicológica. Así como también la importancia que tiene el tener instituciones que los brinden.
PsyQue Encuesta
Gender Headcanons for Pidge (190 responses) Gender Headcanons for Pidge
Como parte del proceso de auto evaluación y revisión curricular de los planes de estudio y con la finalidad de elevar la competitividad de los egresados de esta casa de estudios en las carreras de Ingeniería Eléctrica, Mecánica Eléctrica y Electrónica, necesitamos conocer su opinión sobre varios aspectos relacionados con la carrera que usted cursa. La información que usted brinde será tratada con total anonimato y con fines académicos.
公務人員職場評價調查問卷 (189 responses)
親愛的同仁您好:   感謝您在百忙中撥冗填答此份問卷,本問卷主要目的是希望籍由公務人員職場評價調查,瞭解您的需求和期待,進而提供您一個更適宜的工作環境及服務品質。 您所填選的答案並無對錯之分,調查所得資料亦僅供研究之用,絕不對外公開,問卷上無須具名,請安心填答,衷心感謝您的協助。   專此  敬頌       安康                       臺北榮民總醫院桃園分院人事室 中華民國106年6月9日
Encuesta de Pre-Factibilidad de la Hidromiel en V region (178 responses)
Esta encuesta pretende conocer sus preferencias en cuanto a bebidas alcohólicas, para lanzar un nuevo producto fermentado al mercado de la V región de Chile.
Encuesta de Pre-Factibilidad de la Hidromiel en V region
Percepción alrededor de los femicidios (170 responses)
Más de sesenta mujeres han sido asesinadas en Ecuador, en lo que corre del año. Nos interesa conocer qué percepción tiene usted respecto a los femicidios ocurridos. Solicitamos nos colabore con sus respuestas. Gracias
Percepción alrededor de los femicidios
人事人員服務評價滿意度調查問卷 (169 responses)
親愛的同仁您好:   感謝您在百忙之中撥冗填答此份問卷,本問卷主要目的是希望藉由人事人員服務評價滿意度調查,瞭解您的需求和期待,進而提供您一個更適宜的工作環境及服務品質。您所填選的答案並無對錯之分,調查所得資料亦僅供研究之用,絕不對外公開,問卷上無須具名,請安心填答,衷心感謝您的協助。   專此  敬頌       安康   
Hashimoto's symptoms (159 responses)
This survey is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. It is a tool for Hashimoto’s patients. While reviewing comments or complaints from hundreds, if not thousands of Hashimoto’s patients, the same issues and symptoms were mentioned over and over. This led to me asking just how many of the symptoms and issues are common with Hashimoto’s patients . Hashimoto’s is a disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid. As a result of a failing thyroid, certain symptoms occur. Since the cause of the failing thyroid isn’t the thyroid itself, but an autoimmune response, there are other autoimmune related issues often seen in Hashimoto’s patients. This survey lists those as well.
Hashimoto's symptoms
Nigerian Network Provider (153 responses)
Provide an informative analysis about the use of the various Network Providers in Nigeria. The analysis provided should contain facts.
Nigerian Network Provider
Standardized Testing - Opinion Poll (151 responses)
This survey is completely anonymous. Please be honest in all responses. For the purpose of this survey, Standardized Tests refers to FSA, EOC, SAT, ACT, etc.
Standardized Testing - Opinion Poll
3 años 3 (146 responses) 3 años 3