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Estudio de satisfacción (2572 responses)
La Universidad Insurgentes está muy pendiente de que sus alumnos estén satisfechos en todos los aspectos que componen su ámbito académico por lo que te pedimos de tu apoyo, contestando la siguiente encuesta, para detectar y a su vez corregir las áreas de oportunidad que se lleguen a presentar para poder ofrecerte un servicio de calidad.
Estudio de satisfacción
Motherhood, Social Media Use, and Emotional Well-Being (1179 responses)
Thank you for taking part in my survey that measures motherhood self-esteem, emotional health, and social media use. Results will be used as a research tool for furthering our knowledge about the impact of social media use on the motherhood mental health. Please answer every question. Your submission of this survey implies your consent to take part in this research. Thank you for your time!
Motherhood, Social Media Use, and Emotional Well-Being
E-Tech Report - Nightshift (512 responses)
Technical Report for information needed
E-Tech Report - Nightshift
Current issues at MCS (498 responses)
Hello! As you know there are many issues going on at MCS right now. I made a survey to see what the public really thinks should be done. Please take your time and express your feelings about the issues in this survey.
Current issues at MCS
Collette Travel (317 responses)
I am currently working on a group project for my marketing communications class at Salve Regina University. For this project we are required to create a marketing plan for the company Collette Travel. If you could take our survey that would be greatly appreciated! *All answers will be collected anonymously.
Collette Travel
香港非政府組織(NGO)能否帶領本地環境教育(Environmental Education)及發展研究之問卷調查 (201 responses)
你好!本人是香港教育大學科學與環境學系四年級學生,現正進行一項有關香港非政府組織(NGO)能否帶領本地環境教育(Environmental Education)及發展的研究。當中主要探討現時香港環境教育的概況、本地非政府組織的環境教育工作、它們領導香港環境教育的發展的能力和可行性,及香港環境教育未來的發展趨勢。 此問卷主要收集你對環境教育及本地從事環境教育工作的非政府組織(例如地球之友、綠領行動、長春社等)的認識和看法,請以個人的經歷或感受填寫問卷。 希望閣下能抽出約十分鐘的時間,協助完成問卷。本問卷所收集的數據和資料只作學術用途,不會對外公開,而且會在研究完畢後半年內銷毀。 參與問卷的人士應為十六歲或以上。 感謝你的參與!
香港非政府組織(NGO)能否帶領本地環境教育(Environmental Education)及發展研究之問卷調查
品牌熟悉度調查 (190 responses)
Impacts of Financial Fair Play regulations on European Football and possible alternatives (182 responses)
The following questionnaire consists of 14 short questions about financial regulation in football. It should take no longer than 5 minutes, and all answers received will help the research process for completing my dissertation and therefore will be much appreciated. Please add additional comments where appropriate, in order to emphasise your point.
Impacts of Financial Fair Play regulations on European Football and possible alternatives
El objetivo de esta encuesta, tiene por finalidad, realizar un sondeo referente a las preferencias ciudadanas en relación a las distintas candidaturas Presidenciales en Chile este año 2017.
Music Culture (158 responses)
Disclosure: The purpose of this survey is to capture and understand the impacts of music on cultures. We want to assure you that your responses are completely anonymous. Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent. No personally identifiable information is captured unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information in any of the comment fields. Additionally, your responses are combined with those of many others and summarized in a report to further protect your anonymity. If at any time during the survey you feel uncomfortable with the questions please remember this is voluntary and you are not required to proceed. Thank you for your time.
Music Culture
Encuesta a ingenieros electricistas egresados de USAC (156 responses)
Estimado profesional: La Escuela de Ingeniería Mecánica Eléctrica se encuentra en proceso de acreditación a nivel centroamericano y con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad y cumplir con las expectativas de formación de los ingenieros electricistas, se está realizando una evaluación del proceso de formación profesional, por lo cual agradecemos su tiempo y colaboración al contestar la presente encuesta.
Encuesta a ingenieros electricistas egresados de USAC
Car Dependency (154 responses)
The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather research for a University Dissertation where the aim is ‘To examine the relationship between car dependence and the availability of alternative modes of transport’. It should be noted that all questionnaires will remain confidential and also anonymous. Please only participate in this survey if you are the age of 18 and over and a resident in Northern Ireland This survey should take no longer than 5 minutes Thank you for your co-operation
Car Dependency
Attitudes and Customs of Male Thrash Metal Fans (139 responses)
This is a quick survey on male thrash fans to find out modern day opinions and attitudes towards female metal fans
Attitudes and Customs of Male Thrash Metal Fans
Sex Industry in Canada (131 responses) Sex Industry in Canada
Breaking The Cycle - A MCR Social Enterprise (131 responses)
The homelessness issue has reached crisis level in Greater Manchester. We believe a social enterprise with a commercial focus will cause real change and tackle the issue within the region like never before. Our aim is to stop and, most importantly, prevent homelessness. We want to know your view, wherever you are in the UK, on the issue of homelessness. We'd also like to ask you about how you tend to go about getting lunch, as well as a few housekeeping questions.
Breaking The Cycle - A MCR Social Enterprise
Questionnaire (129 responses) Questionnaire
Workplace relationships (128 responses)
The purpose of this study is to discover relationships between how individuals communicate and their workplace relationships.
Workplace relationships
HOGGER'S Survey (119 responses)
Hello there! We would like you to take a survey based on your daily eating habits and food preferences.Kindly be patient and answer the following questions to help us serve you better.
MPC-Tech Report Night Shift (116 responses)
This report enables the collection of data for reporting purposes
MPC-Tech Report Night Shift