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3rd Annual Little Hoboken Favorite Awards (994 responses)
Thank you for helping us in our Third Annual Little Hoboken Favorite Awards! As usual, these are selected by you and you alone. We do not pick our favorites, rather each vote once -- just like all of you! Community voting for community!  Results are completely anonymous.
3rd Annual Little Hoboken Favorite Awards
Final Formation (609 responses) Final Formation
人格特質對於遊戲成癮之研究 (505 responses)
親愛的朋友您好: 本研究問卷目的在探討人格特質對於手機線上遊戲的成癮關係 。請就您在使用手機線上遊戲的 現況提供意見給我們,您的 意見對本研究非常重要。請您花些時間填答下列每個問題,問項中 請選一個最適合您情況的描述,所有問題都要回答,因為填答缺漏的問卷無法作為分析之用。本問 卷做為學術研究之用,您所填的資料不會被個別披漏,對外絕對保密。最後,再次感謝您的支持與協助! 問卷最後會蒐集受測者之電子郵件,只為連絡中獎人傳訊之用,不做為其他用途或供他人之用。 問卷結束(107.12.31)後十天內將抽出中獎者並由E-mail連絡,爾後所有受測者之個資將全部刪除。 問卷結束後,我們將從「有效問卷」且有填寫「有效E-mail」之受測者,隨機抽出10名中獎人,每位贈送 「MyCard點數卡240點」乙張,序號將寄送至中獎人之電子信箱,謝謝!                                &nbs...
Love Your Life 30 Day Project Participant Survey (473 responses) Love Your Life 30 Day Project Participant Survey
Objetivo: La presente encuesta tiene por objetivo el de conocer el comportamiento de consumo  de yogurt natural en la ciudad de chiclayo. Agradecemos su colaboración en esta investigación.
Georgia Cardiovascular Health Study (337 responses)
Welcome to the Georgia Cardiovascular Health Study! Thank you for your interest in our study! This survey is part of an academic research project being conducted in affiliation with Navicent Health and Mercer University School of Medicine. Our goal with this project is to evaluate the cardiovascular health of Georgians, and their associated risk factors, in various regions throughout the state. The data collected from this study will be used to analyze population health and risk factors in ...
Georgia Cardiovascular Health Study
Riesgo Psicosocial. (314 responses)
Riesgo Psicosocial.
Riesgo Psicosocial.
AAPF/IAPF Horse Owner Survey (309 responses)
Thank you for taking the time to respond to our 2018-2019 Horse Owner Survey.  The information gathered through this survey will be used to assist the American and International Associations of Professional Farriers in the creation of a new Horse Owner category of membership.  Additionally, through this survey, we hope that you will learn more about the associations.  Please visit our website - www.ProfessionalFarriers.com  to learn more. If you have any questions, please ...
AAPF/IAPF Horse Owner Survey
base merca (261 responses) base merca
The impact of digital technology and the internet on feature writing (148 responses) The impact of digital technology and the internet on feature writing
HORARIO IV MEDIO 2019 (138 responses)
La presente encuesta pretende recopilar información sobre preferencias estudiantiles en torno a horarios escolares para el año 2019. 
HORARIO III MEDIO 2019 (130 responses) HORARIO III MEDIO 2019
ELECTIVOS II MEDIO 2018 (125 responses)
Debes tener claro que esta encuesta tiene valor de estudio preliminar, no es vinculante, por lo que no es una inscripción real de electivos. 
Know Your Personality (122 responses) Know Your Personality
Encuesta de satisfacción de capacitación (118 responses)
Con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad de nuestros cursos de capacitación, le pedimos por favor completar el siguiente cuestionario. Dentro del mismo encontrará 10 preguntas, con puntuaciones del 1-10 que reflejan su opinón en base a los temas tratados.  Recuerde completar todas las casillas y tenga en cuenta que el número 1 es insatisfactorio y el 10 es muy satisfactorio.
Encuesta de satisfacción de capacitación
行動支付調查問卷 (114 responses)
MPC2 Consultants (109 responses)
Hello language consultants. Please be so kind as to furnish the following information for stats purposes. We thank you kindly for your assistance. Management.
MPC2 Consultants
New Public Party Place (108 responses)
Hello everyone, this is a survey about your party experience, places and facilities when you hang out with your friends. The purpose of this survey is to helping the innovation students with their market research of new public party place. We are looking for the current preference of your own party experience. If you are happy to answer, you will be asked 12 questions, which should take you approximately 2 minutes to complete. Thank you for your participation!
New Public Party Place
Christmas Family Feud (107 responses)
The survey says...  Answer these questions so we can battle it out at the family christmas gathering.  No sharing answers with your love ones! (that wouldn't be any fun).  Everyone,  young and old alike please participate!
Christmas Family Feud
LCR Survey Nov. 2018 (105 responses)
This brief survey asks your opinion on the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) policies currently being prepared by the City of Penticton and specifically those that are relevant to the proposed 65-unit townhouse development on a 12 acre parcel at 375 Smyth Drive.  The new OCP will guide the City’s growth over the next 30+ years, particularly the location of 4,317 homes  required by the forecast 7,500 new residents.  For more information, visit https://www.shapeyourcitype...
LCR Survey Nov. 2018
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