Why Choose AllCounted®

1 We are the only 100% free and full-featured survey system on the web. You'll never be asked to pay.
2 We are better than most paid sites that mislead people with "free" yet restricted services.
3 We are more than just an easy-to-use, powerful, and secure survey website.
4 We offer many innovative tools to empower people like you.
AllCounted does not endorse the topics or questions of any surveys created by its users.

What We Offer

Question & Page Skip Logic
Customizable & Mobile Friendly Themes
Email Invitation, Embed & Share
Export of Responses & Results
A Variety of Charts
Powerful Analytical Tools
Survey Templates, SSL Encryption
Collaboration & More!

How We Innovate

Flexible Campaigns & Distributions
Effective Participant Restrictions
Unparalleled Results Sharing
Free Cross-Tabulation Analysis
Free Regression Analysis
Searchable and Secure Database
Friends & Participant Groups
Maps of Responses & More!

What You Can Do

Create Unlimited Surveys
Collect Unlimited Responses
Get Instant & Actionable Results
Search Existing Surveys & Results
Follow Public Opinions
Express Your Thoughts
Connect with Others
Grow Your Business & Brand

User Feedback

I have created many surveys before and must say that your product is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use.
Janette, California, USA
Your site has helped me tremendously – and my company too.
Tracy, Ohio, USA
If only all paid services had support as exemplary as yours, it would be a much better Internet.
Taylor, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Your site has been a breeze to work with. It is also great on the speed.
Holly, University of South Australia, Australia
I love your website and the cool features. Thanks for making them free.
Ryan, Colorado, USA
Thanks so much for your fast response. The site is a great piece of software!
Nandan, New Delhi, India
Your survey service has been fantastic and its use has given my research team with great information on maternal and child health!
Matthew, Florida, USA
Your application is succinct, user friendly, and professional. I am appreciative of the support that is given for a free service.
Sophia, Arkansas, USA
Your system allows me to use even more features than paid sites. Now I can do a better survey without paying anything.
Andrew, London, UK
The website is great! It's very beneficial. Nothing I can think of needs adding as meets my needs 100%!
Victoria, Kent, UK
AllCounted is a platform that has integrated online surveys, public opinions, a survey database, and social networking into one system to serve and empower businesses, non-profits, schools, governments, and millions of individuals.