Why Choose AllCounted?

1 The only 100% free and full-featured survey system on the web. No restrictions. You'll never pay.
2 Better than many paid sites that falsely advertise "free" yet restricted services.
3 Easy, powerful, practical, innovative, and secure.
AllCounted does not endorse the topics or questions of any surveys created by its users.

What We Offer

Question- and Page-Level Logic
Images & Videos in Surveys
Response Scoring & Timed Surveys
Customizable & Mobile Friendly Display
Various Ways to Distribute Surveys
Powerful Analytical Tools
Results Display in Charts, Tables, Maps
Export to Excel, PDF, TXT
Thousands of Survey Templates
Collaboration Tools, SSL & More!

How We Help

Multi-Question and -Page Based Logic
Easy Cross Tabulation
Helpful Statistics Tools
Flexible Campaigns & Distributions
Effective Participant Restrictions
Unparalleled Results Sharing
Response Scoring System
Searchable & Secure Database
Friends & Participant Groups
Maps of Responses & More!

What You Can Do

Pay Nothing
Quick Start with Templates
Create Unlimited Surveys
Collect Unlimited Responses
Get Instant & Actionable Results
Search Existing Surveys & Results
Follow Public Opinions
Express Your Thoughts
Connect with Others
Grow Your Business & Brand
Feedback from real users like you

I am so impressed with your site, the extent of its capabilities, and the unbelievably great customer service you provide. It's free, which is amazing given how great the site is. You allow branding, all kinds of fancy customization, sophisticated survey design, etc.

I chose your site in a roundabout way. I design and use surveys for a program I run at a NPO and we don't have a large budget. We had been using SurveyMonkey. For $20, it allowed us a few surveys a month as long as they did not exceed 10 questions. It was not branded or sophisticated. In October the price increased unexpectedly to $49/month. I found an alternative for around the same price and tested it, but also found your site and gave you a try. There was no comparison. Free + branding + sophisticated design options won me over. But the best was yet to come....

I had a few questions about capabilities and couldn't find the answer in Q&A. I wrote to Customer Service. OMG. Not only were my questions answered, but they were done so with screenshots and step by step instructions. I had no expectations, maybe even low expectations, but it was a wonderful experience. It made me appreciate how good your site is even more than before.

Don't laugh, but I'm almost afraid to tell others about how good AllCounted is because then you may get too big and lose the amazing customer service. Anyway, I am very grateful I found AllCounted.

Julia, Pennsylvania, USA

We don't often need to do a survey but recently that changed, with your product we created a simple survey for what we needed and the results were surprising. Your product is easy to use, with easy to follow instructions and the results are fantastic. Being able to download the results into a PDF made our project flow seamlessly. We'll recommend your service to everyone.

Jason, Arizona, USA

I found your website after a very thorough search for a free service for my class that allows a variety of survey question formats, is easy to use, and provides excellent data analysis. Yours ticks all the boxes. If you ever need someone to sing the praises of AllCounted, I would be happy to do so. I LOVE your website. Thank you for such a wonderful service!

Robert, Professor of New York University, USA
I used another free site. After I set up a survey, they said I had selected options I had to pay for. That's not what they advertised. Thank you for creating this great product!
Jenny, Oklahoma, USA
The range of functionality on your site is superior to all other free survey sites I examined. I've found your platform very useful, and I am pleasantly astonished to find that you also offer customer support for this free service.
Heather, Alaska, USA
I just simply love the system. You guys have the best free survey tool, so detailed and thoughtful. Everything of what I think of is there. Kudos. Keep up the great work and amazing support.
Kubija, Hyderabad, India
Thank you so much for your assistance. This will be my go to source for surveys for my organization. I appreciate your professionalism.
Frank, Georgia, USA
Thank you very much for solving my problem. Excellent service. It is the best platform for free surveys and easy to use.
Eduardo, Barranquilla, Colombia
I love this site. It is user friendly, and I like your upfront honesty about having full access to all features without any charge.
Jason, Ontario, Canada
Your website is excellent. The other survey site I have used is Google Forms, which is very limited. AllCounted offers a full range of tools.
Alia, Cairo, Egypt
Thank you for your prompt initial reply and today's follow-up. You don't often see customer service that great these days, and I greatly appreciate it.
Benjamin, Maine, USA
The site is fantastic, and building the surveys is so easy and straightforward!
Ethan, Scotland, UK
After an account on SurveyMonkey and another free but not free survey site, I googled "100% free survey" and I am happy that I discovered your site.
Noah, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Your system is succinct, user friendly, and professional. I am appreciative of the support that is given for a free service.
Sophia, Arkansas, USA
Your website gives me even more features than paid sites. Now I can do a better survey without paying anything.
Andrew, London, UK
I love your website and the cool features. Thanks for making them free.
Ryan, Colorado, USA
I've been really impressed with your website and really appreciate the ease of use. You guys rock!
Holly, Sydney, Australia
I have created many surveys before and must say that your product is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools to use.
Janette, California, USA
I really like the site, especially the analytic tools.
Gavin, Taipei, Taiwan
We have looked at several options for free surveys and AllCounted is by far the best. The support is excellent!
Miranda, North Carolina, USA
If only all paid services had support as exemplary as yours, it would be a much better Internet.
Taylor, Edinburgh, UK
Thanks so much for your fast response. The site is a great system!
Nandan, New Delhi, India
Your site has helped me tremendously – and my company too.
Tracy, Ohio, USA
Your survey service has been fantastic and its use has given my research team great information on maternal and child health!
Matthew, Florida, USA
The website is great! It's very beneficial. Nothing I can think of needs adding as it meets my needs 100%.
Victoria, Kent, UK
I've looked at all the other survey sites, and I am going to go with yours. It seems like the best free site by far.
Tammy, Ontario, Canada
You got me out of a tight spot with my assignment, and I will definitely recommend you to my tutor and other students. Thank you for providing such a brilliant service.
Charlotte, Virginia, USA
I found your service after being disappointed by "free survey makers" and not getting the results I wanted. I am very glad that I found AllCounted.
Ashley, Birmingham, UK
I have to say this has been the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. Thank you so very much for your prompt and very useful assistance.
Mary, Perth, Australia
Looking for the best truly free survey site? Look no further.
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