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Mother's Language in Cairo (8 responses)
This survey is for a pilot study done as partial requirement for a thesis project. All data collected are confidential and anonymous. Your name and identity shall not be revealed to anyone. By taking this survey, you are giving your consent for the researcher to use the answers provided for the purpose of the study.
Mother's Language in Cairo
Gymnastic injuries (19 responses)
I'm creating a product to help protecting gymnastics from injuries 
Gymnastic injuries
Life insurance (3 responses) Life insurance
Business idea questionnaire basic components
We are students at Pharos University, will doing travel agency, our project preparing about a travel agency offer tourism program specialized for school students. The objectives to arrange the buses and to call the hotels to know the prices of accommodation to book in hotels and choose tourism places and entertainment and restaurants, outcomes/outputs and activities: Encourage tourism development in Egypt .
Business idea questionnaire basic components
TQM R (64) Project mangement (8 responses)
G reetings team ,  Happy Eastern  the aim of this survey is to facilitte perparing ,- an agreed - opnion to be presented to Dr.Ahmed during nesxt session ISA as i thought that discussion in what'sup group could be hestitating for most of us , and to ensure that our final desicion will be suitable for  most of us as possible as we could . *if you think  this tool is useful , please answer the following questions , after that i will share  dat...
TQM R (64) Project mangement
Hazom and Asom
ana nfsi asal7 ele bena w  arga3 kber f nzrk tani w a7la mn l awl
Hazom and Asom
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