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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the 2024 Paris Olympics are getting closer and closer. Yet, are you still interested in these events ?
Will you watch the Olympics ?
Chère promo RSE DD 14,Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît noter les sujets de thèse qui seront soutenues les 7 et 8 avril, en fonction de vos centres d'intérêt ? L'idée étant de les départager, nous comptons sur vous pour étaler autant que possible les notations entre 1 (peu d'intérêt) et 5 (beaucoup d'intérêt).Les plus plébiscités seront discutés et approfondis lors de la soirée table ronde du 27 avril.Chaque vote compte, merci pour votre participation.A bientôt,Emilie R et Mathilde
Vote sujets de thèse 7 et 8 avril 2022
Fun Activity (
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Fun @ Work
Fun Activity
Insomnia cookies, a bakery shop, is willing to open a new shop in Chicago. The company would love for the shop to be at the corner of Foster & Kimball Avenue inAlbany Park. The purpose of this brief survey is to determine whether or not the population of this neighborhood and around would be interested in seeing that happens. All of your answers will be anonymous.Thank you from the entire Insomnia cookies company.
Insomnia cookies in Albany Park - Chicago
Insomnia Cookies Survey (
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Insomnia Cookies is a bakery chain, serving 12 varieties of cookies, as well as cookie cakes and brownies with candy toppings at any time from 11am and also during the night until 3am in the way to satisfy a late night sweet tooth.The intention of this survey is to understand the interest of North Park University environment (students, family) about this new concept as it will be located on the corner of Foster and Kimball.It’s important for us to know your opinions in the way to better u...
Insomnia Cookies Survey
Personal Loan Feedback Survey
nous aimerions nous retrouver pour pratiquer ensemble . les séminaires nous manquentnous donnerons donc de réunir tous ceux qui le souhaitent chez Laurent. pour un WE de partage. de retrouvailles. et d'ateliers joyeux. debut prevu samedi25 juin 13h30 atelier par niveaux17h DAN TEST dimanche 26 juinMaster Class à partir de 9h : un intervenant par heure ou 45mnmeme choisi après midi de 13h45 à 16h45pourquoi Paris ?parce que très central au niveau des transports nationaux Laurent peut y grouper to...
séminaire fin d'année en Région parisienne
Awards Ceremony (
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Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce our next award ceremony which will take place on Thursday 21 July 2022 in La Rochelle. The aim of this ceremony is to reward the employees who have best embodied the values of CHARLES WELLS during the F20 year (October 2020 to September 2021). You will find the list of eligible people in your mailbox.Your HR Team.
Awards Ceremony
Finales samedi 8 octobre (
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Finales samedi 8 octobre
Go Global is a travel application with the ability to provide both medical, travel, and insurance information. Many international travelers are confused or unaware about healthcare policies and what to do if they are ill while traveling abroad. Go Global is a trip advisor for medical care with country specific regulations, language translation, access to insurance coverage information to help manage any minor or major health complications.
Go Global Market Research Survey
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