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This questionnaire was prepared for the research on the project topic ‘the importance of establishing procurement unit in public second cycle institutions a case study of ANGLICAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (KASS) located at Fante New Town opposite Kumasi Technical University in the Ashanti region of Ghana.This questionnaire is made up of open and closed ended questions and the respondents are to tick and also give the appropriate opinions to questions asked.
The importance of establishing procurement unit in public second cycle institutions
The following questions/statements relate to your perception as a prospective church member of the factors influencing your membership decision and willingness to donate. Please follow the instructions under each section on how to complete the questionnaire. All information you provide will be treated in strict confidence and as an individual you will not be identified. Your response will be aggregated purely for modelling purposes.
Determinants of Church Membership Intension Questionnaire
Money is an essential tool in this life and without it certain goals may be unattainable. The Bible reads " Money answers all things. In the respect, it is prudent that organizations raise enough money to run it affairs namely welfare, budgets, donations and others. This survey is therefore aimed at seeking your views on how best we can generate enough financial resources to manage this family. Your participation is greatly appreciated.The Word is Our Mission
Improving the finances of CSO
i-Education (
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Students deserve the best. Kindly fill this form to assist in knowing what's best for you and what you want to see improve.
This is a research being undertaken by a group of level 400 Public Relations students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, as part of their graduation requirements. The study aims at gathering factual information on determining the effect of CSR initiative on the Organization’s image: A case study of Samsung Company Limited in Accra-Ghana. Please be assured that this is purely an academic exercise and all responses will be considered with the utmost confidentiality.Customers/Consumer/Bene...
CSR initiatives effect on Samsung Ghana's image.
Dear respondent, the purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit information for the above research work in order to promote vocational training in leatherwork whiles reducing youth’s involvement in sports betting. This will help the researcher in making recommendations for improving leather vocation as well as general vocational training for the youth as a substitute for their inclination towards sports betting.The identity of all respondents and responses shall strictly be confidential s...
The study basically sought to identify selected hairstyles among female student of University of Education, Winneba, with the view of describing and investigating the reasons behind the choice of hairstyles coming out with the trendiest hairstyle on campus.
QUESTIONNAIRESInstructions: Please respond to the following questions and where applicable, mark the relevant box with a tick(√).Confidentiality: The responses you provide will be strictly confidential. No reference will be made to any individual(s) in the report of the study.
Your feedback is very important to us in order to always offer the best service possible to our customers, please take a few minutes to answer our questions.
Dwell Ghana Customer Service Survey
Hello: You are invited to participate in our survey Riders' Perceptions on the Use of Ride-hailing Apps (e.g., Uber, Bolt, Yango) in Ghana. In this survey, approximately 1500 people will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about their motivations for using ride-hailing apps, challenges in getting rides, security, and safety of rides, payment modes for rides, and fairness of ride-hailing apps. It will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your participation i...
A Survey on Rider Perceptions of The Use of Ride-Hailing Apps in Ghana
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