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Dear Friend,I believe our Professional journey is as amazing as you are. Together we make our committments met, by building the trust and respect to each other. This survey is for you to understand you better. Please spend sometime and fill your input with atmost care.Don't forget to write your Name.RegardsSudhir Patro
Knowing you - from Sudhir Patro for May'21
Get to know you better
Después de leer al agotamiento, una serie de artículos mentirosos, donde se expresó que más del 70% de la población en Yerushalayim estaba de acuerdo y estaba a favor del desfile gay, o en cualquier otra ciudad del país, más que esto, en Tel Aviv se dijo que toda la ciudad celebra y espera con interés estos desfiles. Así que decidí mostrar que el país no está a favor de estas manifestaciones, en realidad que este tipo de evento no es tan aceptado, ni para los demás países del mundo. NO ESTAMOS...
¿Estás de acuerdo con el desfile gay en Yerushalayim?
This survey aims to explore the process of speech in relation to thoughts and how the two are combined together to form verbal communication.
The relationship between speech and thought
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Hello students! Now that we are at the end of our WWII unit, here is a survey for you to fill out!
FinCuarto (
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Regalo fin de año 4to grado
Hello friends! this is a test survey that will help me validate the questions and attend to what needs fixing before i start spreading the real survey. this is all anonymous, so feel free to write your truth. please have a paper and pencil next to you so that you can record which questions are confusing, what parts of the survey are problematic, and any other pieces of advice. at the end, please tell me what i should attend to and suggest how i can perfect this survey. also, please time yourself...
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