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A small survey to get an opinion about venue, headcount and dates for the get together.
20 Year Get Together
We are conduction a short survey on behalf of a private bank to understand the pain points of borrowing and whether that could be made easier.
Is Borrowing easier than we think?
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Demonetization : A step towards a modern , corruption free India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi really did take everyone’s money. Citizens of India learned, with only a few hours’ notice, that their 500 and 1,000-rupee notes were no longer legal tender. Those are—or were—the country’s largest-denomination bills and the foundation of a huge underground economy. Now they’re just paper.
Spending habit of people based on demonetization
This survey is in context to Mindset of people on "Choosing Mathematics" It is a part of Psychology project 2017-18. Purpose: The purpose of this survey is to ask you questions about your Mindset on Maths Right to ask questions and contact information: You may feel free to ask questions to the researcher at any time by emailing yashita_sareen@yahoo.in Confidentiality : We will not be sharing information about you to anyone outside of the research team. The information t...
mic qu (
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mic qu
Mobile and Devices Service Engagement - Feedback survey
Sex Survey - Your Opinion Matters.
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Union Budget 2017 (
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Eco assignment
Union Budget 2017
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