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本人是香港中文大學地理與資源管理系學生,現正進行關於在職人士往返居所和工作場所 (即通勤) 的習慣與主觀幸福感的研究,主要探索各種通勤特性 (包括在家工作安排) 對通勤行程滿意度和主觀幸福感的關係,以期研究大眾如何循變更通勤習慣來改善幸福感以至身心健康。研究對象為居於香港的18至64歲在職人士。您現只需完成以下問卷,需時約10-15分鐘。此問卷不涉及您的姓名和其他敏感資料,所收集的數據將對改善大眾生活質素有關的交通規劃範疇提供寶貴資料。參與是次研究純屬自願性質,您可隨時終止參與,有關決定將不會引致任何不良後果。此調查所收集的資料只作研究用途,個人資料將絕對保密。*本問卷設中文與英文版本,若中文與英文版本有牴觸或不相符之處,應以英文版本為準。I am a student from the Department of Geography and Resource Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and I am conducting a research study regarding commuting (i.e.,...
在職人士往返居所和工作場所 (通勤) 的習慣與主觀幸福感問卷調查 Survey on commuting (i.e., recurring travel between residence and workplace) habits and subjective well-being (SWB) for the employed
Survey of Online Fresh Food Purchase Behavior
Hi there! I am a postgraduate student from the University of Surrey conducting research on the attitudes of visitors to how ski resorts react to climate change. The purpose is to identify how ski resorts can improve your time spent there considering the impact of climate change on skiing activities. The questionnaire comprises of 17 questions and will take about 3 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions and hope you have a nice day!! Thank you for your help!!
Survey of the Scottish ski resorts’ future in the context of climate change
Crises are often able to change deeply the socio-economic environment they hit. It is licit to expect the same from the one we are facing now.Reactions that will follow, as individuals, communities and in the political sphere, will determine how we will come out from this. What can we expect to happen?Questions are intentionally very generic in order to let the reader's ideas turn up. The main context is the economic one, hints from other disciplines are well accepted.
2025 : abbiamo salvato l'economia
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