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Hello from OGU! We have been eviewing our program lately to improve the content of the program, and we would like to hear your opinions/thoughts! Please answer the questions from your experience. Thank you very much for your kindness and support!
About OGU International Exchange Program, JSL, JSP and JSC OGU国際交流プログラムのJSL, JSP and JSCについて
E-buddy Party Review (
  • 2021, 
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thank you very much for joining our party! おおきに!Please answer the following questions about the E-buddy Party. E-buddy Party についての質問に答えてください。
E-buddy Party Review
OGU Japanese E-Course 2021-2022 Fall Application for Admission
Unfortunately, we have decided not to offer "Business Japanese" and "Osaka Dialect," and we will be offering "Let's Speak Japanese" and "Lower-Intermediate Grammar" instead. The Japanese language requirement of those classes is that you should have already completed beginner-level classes (e.g. you have finished learning Genki II or Minnano Nihongo II.) Please note: There will be a placement test January for all students. Those who do not meet the level required for their chosen subject(s) ma...
OGU Japanese E-Course 2022 Spring 大阪学院大学日本語コース(オンライン)2022春学期
Application for Admission of OGU Japanese E-Course, Spring 2022
Fun at work :) (
  • 2022, 
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Fun at work :)
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