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Post-Sales CRM contact (3 responses) Post-Sales CRM contact
Connection between female education and the low natality rates in China (1 responses)
This form encompasses a survey questionnaire that contains 10 questions rated on a 5-point Likert Scale. The questions test if there is indeed a connection between female education and the low natality rates in China. Kindly fill out all the questions correctly and to the best of your ability. All questions should be carefully reflected upon and extensively considered before answering, and the answers must be honest and valid. The facilitation of this study has been approved by the University C...
Connection between female education and the low natality rates in China
Kilimall (1 responses)
GL Pharmacy Survey (28 responses)
Getting information on the basics of a proposed pharmacy
GL Pharmacy Survey
Survey of members needs DTK for Dentists (3 responses)
Whereas the Dental treatments in Kenya for Dentists group exists to inform,educate and communicate about all matters dentistry and the business that surrounds the profession and  Whereas not all members post cases or discussions on the group and  Whereas the group seeks to get as many members as possible engaged with other group members and thus enhance group consciousness,practice and policies this survey seeks to establish a database of members and identify their most pressing ne...
Survey of members needs DTK for Dentists
2017 Pilot Employee Engagement Survey (59 responses)
As informed during the recent Customer First Principles Training, RMA Kenya will be conducting the 1st Pilot Employee Engagement survey to ascertain improvements/challenges year to-date. All staff are requested to take time and participate in the survey which will be rolled out on 27 June 2017 and remain open until Friday 7 July 2017. We are really interested in receiving your feedback and all individual inputs will be STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS. Thank you very much for your support and loyalty.
2017 Pilot Employee Engagement Survey
Dear our Valued Client, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better serve you in various projects/services. We appreciate your business and we want to make sure we meet your expectations. However, in order to continue exceeding your expectations where service delivery is concern, kindly help us by taking a few minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far, through a survey below. We assure you, the information below is solely intended for perfomance improvements ...
Market research (16 responses)
We aim to improve your overall dining experience with us - Kindly take a few minutes to help us with this
Market research
Start of GU 2019 Season (6 responses)
Dear Valued Colleague, I hope you are well. May I ask your precious time, less than 3 minitutes, to respond to a small set of questions about the current season. I thought this is an effective way of gather information faster. Kindly complete/answer to the following questions which will contribute to the ongoing seasonal reporting. Thank you in advance. 
Start of GU 2019 Season
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