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Escuela Bíblica (
  • 2017, 
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Encuesta realizada para adquirir información acerca de la relación de una persona cristiana con la Escuela Bíblica ofrecida en su congregación. ESTA ENCUESTA ES ANÓNIMA Y VOLUNTARIA. FAVOR DE CONTESTAR LO MAS FIELMENTE POSIBLE Dudas o preguntas, favor de comunicarse con María Sargent 787-619-4041
Escuela Bíblica
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The Fear of Death (
  • 2021, 
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In this survey, I will be asking some personal questions for some research I am doing
The Fear of Death
¿Enviarás a tus hijos a clases presenciales? Agosto 2021
Ford Or Chevy (
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It's time to get to the bottom of who is better (Ford) or (Chevy)! You Vote, You Decide! We want to find out who has the most followers and who has the most supporters! The competition is on!
Ford Or Chevy
This is an application for our Tuesday themed showcases for the months of March-April This is for HANDMADE shops only. It must be made by your or you & a small local team. It cannot be manufactured by a 3rd party or dropshipped. There is 100% participation in all 4 showcases (every other Tuesday)All items sold must be brand new, never-before-listed itemsThere is a $15 fee for the term that we use toward giveaways on opening nights & for our brand reps.
March-April Tuesday Themed Showcase
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Mucho Frio Menos Calor es una empresa que su principal razón de ser es que nuestros clientes siempre encuentran un ambiente comodo, confortable y agradable al momento de comprar e instalar sus unidades de aires acondicionados, y es por eso que para llenar esas expectativas queremos saber que necesitan o que piden al momento de comprar, solicitar el servicio de mantenimiento o reparación de sus unidades.
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We hope to get more information on how to better serve our community and those who live within it and that includes you. Once again we thank you and we are here to serve you.
Neighborhood Mapping
Saludos. Sirva la presente para informarles que nuestra escuela desea participar del programa de verano Summer Seamless Option el cual provee almuerzo GRATUITO, en la modalidad de “Grab and Go”, a estudiantes y hermanos cuyas edades sean de 18 años o menos. Este programa es creado por el gobierno federal como consecuencia de la pandemia y bajo la directriz del Programa de Desayuno, Almuerzo y Merienda. Para hacer posible la participación en el programa de almuerzo GRATUITO de verano (SSO) y como...
Encuesta Programa de Almuerzo Gratuito
Would you like to join us as an approved vendor for our Tuesday themed showcases? Sign up below! You MUST participate in all 4 showcases. It is considered a commitment, and we all depend on you to make a successful showcase term. You MUST provide ALL NEW, NEVER SOLD/LISTED before items in each showcase. A minimum of 1 item per showcase. There is a non-refundable $15 fee for the entire term, due at the beginning of the term. We use this for showcase givewaways.THEMES:Jan 4th--Blast from the Past ...
Jan-Feb Tuesday Themed Showcases Sign Ups
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