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Survey on SWAMI Home Food (Lunch) (2 responses)
We're conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated. Click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!
Survey on SWAMI Home Food (Lunch)
Testing for Surgical UBC (6 responses)
testing 1.2
Testing for Surgical UBC
Credit Suisse Pulau Ubin Biodiversity Cycling Trail Quiz & Survey (1 responses)
Answer the following questions and stand to win a prize from the Credit Suisse CSR team. Submit by 19 May Sat 2359hrs.
Credit Suisse Pulau Ubin Biodiversity Cycling Trail Quiz & Survey
Importance of well-being (16 responses)
This is a survery created by ITE students for our final year project. This is anonymous Survery to find out about student's well-being. you are required to attend a short meeting, at ITE Collage Central, Block B, Level 7, Class 10, 11am till 12pm, 7 Nov (Wednesday). Thank you and have a nice day :)
Importance of well-being
Introduction of Zulfikri Introduction of Zulfikri
Startup Jobs Asia - Employer Survey (9 responses)
Dear Valued Employer, Startup Jobs Asia would like your feedback! Please take a few minutes to provide your opinions. We thank you for your time and participation. Sincerely, Startup Jobs Asia
Startup Jobs Asia - Employer Survey
How much do you love AI? (1 responses)
This is a survey to find out how much you love AI as a whole. Share your thoughts and see what everyone else thinks too. 
How much do you love AI?
Quote on office wall (13 responses)
Make a choice NOW
Quote on office wall
Notate account (27 responses)
As we have seen, if any TM have asked the Cx that he have escalated the issue, its either PET, SR or  mail  to relevant team. Currently, we have access to fetch any PET or SR raised from that account. However, when the previous TM have raised the  mail , we do not have any access or path to follow-up on that. To resolve this issue, as an entire GCS team, we can follow same SOP so that we can save our time in contacting previous TM, which in many cases is not available or migh...
Notate account
The last chip
The packaging design of the Pringles chips is unique but there is a major problem with it; reaching for that last chip.
The last chip
Free Gems Generator Growtopia
Get rich in growtopia with this great gems generator, and the best part is; its 100% free! Lots of satisfied users have tried, and we have many testimonies. This site was created by a bunch of teens who were bored and decided to try and find a way to cheat the game. After a few online coding courses, the youg adults managed to teach themselves how to code, enabling them to generate unlimited free gems! This site is very crowded, so please dont be selfish and try to generate a ridiculous amount of gems. Thanks!
Free Gems Generator Growtopia
Retail Landscape Survey (14 responses)
Currently, the healthcare retail landscape is non-standardised across all institutions. With the National Harmonised Integrated Pharmacy Solution (N-HIPS) coming up, amidst other health technology innovations such as Health Hub, Health 365, Health Marketplace etc, it is timely to review the current healthcare retail landscape. The purpose of this survey is to understand the current state of retail processes in the different institutions and to gather your views/ ideas on what you would envision...
Retail Landscape Survey
Parent-Child Relationships – Parenting Styles (4 responses)
As part of the course requirements for Masters of Education (Developmental PsychoIogy),  at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, we would like to seek your participation in a study that looks into understanding parent-child relationships and parenting styles. As part of the study, you will be asked to complete an online survey. It will take around 20  minutes in total. Your participation is voluntary. You may quit the study at any time by informing t...
Parent-Child Relationships – Parenting Styles
#sentul4ever (4 responses)
hello it m3e
기대가정 알아가기 - 초등학생 이하 (4 responses)
이 설문을 라임, 라희, 의현, 율이를 위한 간단한/짧은 설문입니다. 여집사님들께서 아이들과 앉아서 문제를 읽어주고, 아이들의 답변을 입력해주시면 됩니다
기대가정 알아가기 - 초등학생 이하
Resuming Office Operation on 2nd June 2020 (1 responses)
Our office is now ready to transit into Phase 1 and can be re-opened to colleagues after completion of Circuit Breaker. Everybody is encouraged to vote and results will be announced later this week The majority will determine whether colleagues will remain WFH or return back to office on 2 nd June on voluntary basis.
Resuming Office Operation on 2nd June 2020
Survey to improve the BRANDING requirements for Parkway Hospitals
Design Team Employee Survey
The purpose of this survey is to find out 1. How you are doing 2. What are your thoughts when it comes to your morale, career growth and are your managers helping you to get there 3. What do you want to be/do in Grab 4. Do you enjoy doing what you do, and why Having these info will help us design our processes and internal coaching. It will also give us insights into areas where we didn’t do so well, and to hear from you suggestions on how to make them better
Design Team Employee Survey
“A study on how the port technology innovation impacts to port engineering business sector” (54 responses)
Dear Sir / Madam, I am Nay Lynn Hlaing studying my Master of Business Administration from University of Northampton, UK at Business School, Singapore. Kindly allocate a little of your valuable time for my study by filling the following questionnaires. I convince you that the information you provide shall be used for my academic purpose only. Really appreciate your kind sympathy, patience and thank much in advance for your information and time consumed on this.
“A study on how the port technology innovation impacts to port engineering business sector”
Survey on CTC Travel Agency (57 responses)
We are a group of students from Temasek Polytechnic conducting a survey to investigate the trend in CTC Travel Agency. This project is part of our Communication Skills 1 subject. We would appreciate it if you could complete this questionnaire. Please read the instructions and answer all questions accordingly. All information gathered will be kept confidential. Thank you.
Survey on CTC Travel Agency
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