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  • 2017, 
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This questionnaire is to be used as part of my Assessment. The questionnaire aims at determining the factors which leads a person into atheism. This questionnaire are for persons who are atheist or are questioning their beliefs in god for over a year. I thank everyone for participating.
FASHION Brand Ambassador Intake (
  • 2022, 
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Hey guys, firstly i'll like to thank you for taking time out your schedule to take part in this survey. It's appreciated. FASHION is a local business that's aspiring to be one of the top clothing stores in Trinidad & Tobago, also being recognize internationally.Right now our main goal is to reach 1500 followers. Do you have what it takes to walk that journey with us and help us reach that goal? Are you up to the task?I believe in you and I know you have what it takes to help us get there.Onc...
FASHION Brand Ambassador Intake
Excel Inv Tournament Survey (
  • 2022, 
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Please share your thoughts
Excel Inv Tournament Survey
Rape Culture (
  • 2020, 
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This survey will be conducted to collect data for an IA (internal assessment) on Rape Culture.
Rape Culture
The impact of body decorations (tattoos) and its associated health risks among teenagers in the community
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