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Marvel Universe - The Survey (30 responses)
As The Avengers witness their team divided across the Superhero Registration Act, conflict will lead to chaos. One team is for the passing of the act, while the other is against it - who are you for? Answer this question and tell us more! The results and analysis will be available when you finish this short two-page survey. Thanks for taking it!
Marvel Universe - The Survey
Chicken (111 responses)
I don't care if I'm wrong or right, but I could eat chicken every night. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but C.H.I.C.K.E.N. Eat it broiled, baked or boiled, battered up and fried in oil. Or a wing, a la king, that'll make your chicken zing. From the grange, for a change, happy chickens raised free-range.
Board Game Questions (111 responses)
For years now, many people thought tabletop games would die off and be replaced with video/computer games. This hasn't happened. Tabletop games have done really well recently and appear to be growing more popular. They've gained me as a new fan, anyway.
Board Game Questions
It's Always Sunny Census. (249 responses)
Rock, Flag, and Eagle This survey was conducted from 5/26/16 to 6/24/16 and was posted on Reddit.com/r/IASIP twice within that time frame.
It's Always Sunny Census.
Arrested Development (347 responses)
When Lucille was asked "Plate or platter?" she didn't understand the question and wouldn't respond to it. Please do a better job of answering these questions than she did!
Arrested Development
Survivor (1274 responses)
Outwit, Outlast, Out Answer
San Antonio Spurs (272 responses) San Antonio Spurs
Life During The Off Season in The NBA (2 responses)
This NBA off season can be considered one of the most impactful and busiest in league history. Share your opinions with us!
Life During The Off Season in The NBA
Golden State Warriors (115 responses) Golden State Warriors
Philadelphia 76ers (259 responses) Philadelphia 76ers
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