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Fantasy Football (
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Fantasy Football
We would sincerely appreciate 5 minutes of your time to respond to this initial survey. As in prior surveys, our team will randomly draw two winners for the $50 Amazon gift cards! Our client participation rates in these surveys have been a huge part of our ability to make the right improvements to the system.
Portfolio Management Survey
Quest Bars (
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Quest Bars
This survey is going to help me cook my dinner. I'll ask for votes on different proteins, veggies, spices, etc., and that will be my dinner tomorrow. Depending what meat wins the 'protein' question, I'll filter the results to select the rest of the ingredients from those that voted on that protein. If you answer for chicken but pork shoulder gets the most votes, don't worry about me pairing those ingredients with pulled pork.
Help me cook my dinner: Slow cooker edition
WWE Raw Survey 8/1 (
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WWE Raw Survey 8/1
Collaboration (
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Your thoughts on NFM collaboration between departments.
Sun And Moon Survey (
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Sun And Moon Survey
NBA 2k rating survey (
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2k17 may have revealed the top four players in each position group in the following images - http://imgur.com/a/WW1C6 How do you rank each of the following position groups?
NBA 2k rating survey
Dinner selection based on an Subway sign placement
Which of these most common phenomena do you believe are created or caused by forces from beyond normal perception AKA supernatural or paranormal?
Supernatural phenomena
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