7648 results
Pokemon (3069 responses)
It's been more than 20 years since Pokemon was first released and it's still as popular as ever! Share your thoughts about one of the most popular video game franchises of all time.
Harry Potter and the Reddit Survey (1734 responses)
Spoilers incoming! Don't take this if you're not done reading! This survey was conducted from 6/10/16 to 6/24/16 and was posted on Reddit.com/r/harrypotter twice within that time frame.
Harry Potter and the Reddit Survey
Calvin and Hobbes (1125 responses)
"So the secret to good self-esteem is to lower your expectations to the point where they’re already met?"
Calvin and Hobbes
The Front Page of the Internet Survey (273 responses)
A survey is the best way to AskReddit.
The Front Page of the Internet Survey
Batman: Reddit Survey (185 responses) Batman: Reddit Survey
Oklahoma City Thunder (137 responses) Oklahoma City Thunder
Los Angeles Clippers (9 responses) Los Angeles Clippers
Sacramento Kings (163 responses) Sacramento Kings
Detroit Pistons (233 responses) Detroit Pistons
Indiana Pacers (147 responses) Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bulls (235 responses) Chicago Bulls
This or that (182 responses) This or that
Miami Heat (61 responses) Miami Heat
We've All Been There - The Search For A Career (10 responses)
Finding your career is not easy. Some who are fortunate find suitable opportunities while others take lengthy periods of time before coming across the right position. It's a process in life in which many of us, both the young and the experienced, can relate to. Share your experiences with us in our survey!
We've All Been There - The Search For A Career
Customer Satisfaction Survey (1 responses)
Please Make Selections:
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Help me cook my dinner: Slow cooker edition (24 responses)
This survey is going to help me cook my dinner. I'll ask for votes on different proteins, veggies, spices, etc., and that will be my dinner tomorrow. Depending what meat wins the 'protein' question, I'll filter the results to select the rest of the ingredients from those that voted on that protein. If you answer for chicken but pork shoulder gets the most votes, don't worry about me pairing those ingredients with pulled pork.
Help me cook my dinner: Slow cooker edition
Portfolio Management Survey
We would sincerely appreciate 5 minutes of your time to respond to this initial survey. As in prior surveys, our team will randomly draw two winners for the $50 Amazon gift cards! Our client participation rates in these surveys have been a huge part of our ability to make the right improvements to the system.
Portfolio Management Survey
Fantasy Football (521 responses) Fantasy Football
Quest Bars (20 responses) Quest Bars
2016 Presidential Election (37 responses)
This is a simple poll of my facebook friends on who they will vote for in the 2016 Presidential election this November. All responses are private and results will be posted with the number of respondents who participated. This is not a scientific poll.
2016 Presidential Election
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