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This research will explore the impact in which social media may have on an artist’s financial wellbeing and the different ways social media can increase or decrease income. It will be thoroughly examined the ways social media may encourage music piracy, be utilised as an advertising platform and also how different music streaming social media applications may affect financial gain for artists. Below are a series of survey questions relating to the research. If these could be filled out to the ...
The Impact of Social Media on Financial Gain for Artists - Artist's Survey
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Hello IDS Members! We are so excited you have joined as a member of the Interior Design Society. We are a collaborative organization and would loveto understand more about your needs as a member. Please fill out this fast survey and we will use this as our guide as we plan for a fun year!Many thanks,Your Arkansas IDS Board
IDS Arkansas Member Survey
The aim of the questionnaire is to hear about the cultural experiences of people living in Bedford. We are interested in knowing what you do and what you think about it in order to develop the cultural opportunities available in the town.This questionnaire has been developed by the Bedford Cultural Partnership, a group of cultural organisations working with the Borough Council to develop a new cultural manifesto for the town.
Bedford Cultural Manifesto
Perception of Colour
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La siguiente encuesta es para saber si tienes gustos por las figuras de cerámica, de que tamaño las prefieres, de que tipo las prefieres, cada cuando compras figuras de cerámica. Descuida..!!! No te llevara mucho tiempo, esta diseñada para que la respondas lo más rápido posible. Muchas gracias por tu tiempo. =)
Addysg Cerdd/Music Education
¡Hola, buen día! La presente encuesta es para poder conocer la afluencia de visitantes que tiene el municipio de Chiapa de Corzo, referente al turismo gastronómico, por ello le agradecería si me pudiera ayudar a responder las siguientes preguntas. Objetivo: Conocer la opinión de nuestros visitantes sobre la gastronomía en Chiapa de Corzo.Instrucciones: Lee detenidamente las preguntas y posteriormente marcala opción que sea de tu agrado. La encuesta solo es para personas en un rango de edad de 20...
Turismo gastronómico en Chiapa de Corzo
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Review of DollyCon 2016 and Idea Generation for future DollyCon Events
DollyCon 2016
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