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Johnny Rockets - Registration
Insomnia Cookies and Albany Park
If you value the community of Albany Park, please take the time to complete this survey. It will only take a few minutes to complete and will help assess the opinions of the Albany Park area for Insomnia Cookies. Insomnia Cookies is a late-night bakery that specializes in delivering warm and delicious cookies, brownies, and cookie cakes right to the doors of individuals and companies alike. They are also open till 3AM for pick-ups or dine-ins. Insomnia Cookies is looking to bring this service t...
Insomnia Cookies and Albany Park
Pbj prepared like grilled cheese - Survey (81 responses)
Pbj prepared like grilled cheese - Survey
Top tier healthy fat sources (1 responses)
Top tier healthy fat sources
Brownie Preferences (457 responses)
https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/4vro9i/this_restaurant_labels_their_brownies_based_on/ This post caused a lot of important discussion. Let's keep it going!
Brownie Preferences
The Black Market: Consumer Market Research. (46 responses)
‘The Black Market’ is a 1940’s themed restaurant and burlesque bar, located in a stunning Lord Street Grade II listed building, that was formerly known locally as Lombards, in Southport, Merseyside. We provide local live or 40s themed music during the day and premier entertainment (burlesque once a month and live bands weekly) during the evening. Our products are sourced from the local area (within a 5 mile radius of the building) to ensure that we meet our aims in celebrating and supporting local manufacturers and artisan producers.
The Black Market: Consumer Market Research.
Consumo de comida chatarra (51 responses)
Por favor, dedique unos minutos de su tiempo para responder las siguientes preguntas.
Consumo de comida chatarra
Farmers Aid Portal (33 responses)
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to complete this questionnaire. This survey is created by some of the students of Hanson Canada as a part of the group project for the successful completion of the course ‘Project Management.’ Our team ‘Demagogues’ is comprised of six members. We have decided to select a project on ‘Farmers Aid Portal.’ This project is a research about creating a social networking platform for the Farmers of Ontario, Canada. Your responses and feedback...
Farmers Aid Portal
Which Dessert Reigns Supreme? (4 responses) Which Dessert Reigns Supreme?
1. Hamari Mandi (21 responses)
Restaurant Survey - Trend Mapping
1. Hamari Mandi
Dibsonlinesurvey (41 responses)
Enjoy your Dips Experience
The influence of Veganism (50 responses) The influence of Veganism
Encuesta de Nutriroscas (150 responses)
Muy buenas, en esta encuesta queremos ver cuales son tus preferencias acorde a este bocadillo nutritivo, Gracias.
Encuesta de Nutriroscas
All About Pizza (81 responses)
"Pizza, the great equalizer." - Michael Scott. What makes pizza so good? What kind of pizza is the best? What's an appropriate amount of money for a pizza? The survey was conducted between 5/24 and 5/26 and was posted on http://www.Reddit.com/r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza
All About Pizza
Please don't eggnore this survey (855 responses)
This survey is all about how you like your eggs.
Please don't eggnore this survey
NOMAD Dumplings Start-Up (31 responses)
NOMAD Dumpling is the traveler's frozen dumpling. The dumplings are made from all-natural ingredients and wrapped in a fun colored dough (made from fresh vegetable juices). The fillings are regionally inspired (ie TIBETAN Monk) and a portion of all proceeds go to assist the local charity Martha's Table. These are the dumplings for those who want to do good by eating well!
NOMAD Dumplings Start-Up
This is a study conducted by KsTU Chemical Engineering Students to show how consumers of healthy tea products, would love to take a dandelion supplement with low caffeine as a replacement for tea and coffee. Please be rest assured that whatever is written on this sheet is highly confidential and absolutely voluntary on the part of the respondent.
Alimentación (31 responses)
El objetivo de esta encuesta es para saber que tipo de alimentación tienen las personas.
Insomnia cookies in Albany Park - Chicago (2 responses)
Insomnia cookies, a bakery shop, is willing to open a new shop in Chicago. The company would love for the shop to be at the corner of Foster & Kimball Avenue inAlbany Park. The purpose of this brief survey is to determine whether or not the population of this neighborhood and around would be interested in seeing that happens. All of your answers will be anonymous. Thank you from the entire Insomnia cookies company.
Insomnia cookies in Albany Park - Chicago
Gemini Farm 2 Table (55 responses)
In our efforts to bring Durban and its delicacies to Cape Town and your home, Kindly take a minute to complete this survey
Gemini Farm 2 Table
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