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Bonus Ball Prize Draw Idea
Hi thanks for taking the time to take part in my survey I am holding this survey in the hope of finding people that are willing to take part in Prize draw games to help raise funding for a befriending service that helps people that suffer from loneliness and depression as well as local good cause. We want to start small and build up a good reputation for our prize draw games. Our first prize draw game will be the bonus ball game Entry will be £5 per number Pick a number between 1 &am...
Bonus Ball Prize Draw Idea
Board Game Questions (111 responses)
For years now, many people thought tabletop games would die off and be replaced with video/computer games. This hasn't happened. Tabletop games have done really well recently and appear to be growing more popular. They've gained me as a new fan, anyway.
Board Game Questions
Pokemon game preferences (855 responses)
Not everyone can buy two versions of close to the same game. Which did you (or would you) choose?
Pokemon game preferences
Which ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Character Is Your Favorite? (21 responses)
Assume these are for the original Super Smash Bros, please.
Which ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Character Is Your Favorite?
Poker Questions (1542 responses) Poker Questions
Online Rummy Player feedback
We would like to take feedback from online rummy player about their experiences with playing on indian online rummy websites.
Online Rummy Player feedback
Pokemon (3069 responses)
It's been more than 20 years since Pokemon was first released and it's still as popular as ever! Share your thoughts about one of the most popular video game franchises of all time.
Video Game Survey (17 responses) Video Game Survey
Select the 15 Best Games the PlayStation Brand Has To Offer (56 responses)
CJ Andriessen is looking to make a Sony Bucket List of PlayStation games he absolutely must play before he died. After getting suggestions from the Destructoid Community, he's compiled a list that he needs your help filtering down to just 15 titles.
Select the 15 Best Games the PlayStation Brand Has To Offer
Best Singer (2 responses) Best Singer
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