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Arrive Volunteer Questionnaire (8 responses) Arrive Volunteer Questionnaire
Ocean Association
When the Hawaiian thought of the "ocean", what was the first thought? We are students to get the data(Taiwan,Yat-Sen University) We need Hawaiian person help us. THX
Ocean Association
Issues and Controversies (26 responses)
This survey is designed to judge how you feel about several pressing issues. 
Issues and Controversies
Project International Trade Payments Census - Global Markets (17 responses)
As the UK moves towards Brexit, it is paramount for the payments industry to be on the forefront of new opportunity and to be exploring new markets to drive business growth and raise the brand of UK PLC. The EPA is keen to understand which markets the payments industry is currently targeting, and to identify which markets present the most opportunity in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we want to understand the support your organisation needs to export more effectively. This information wi...
Project International Trade Payments Census - Global Markets
Zoo Visitor Survey (40 responses)
Thank you for taking my survey! Your time and attention are appreciated. Consider each question carefully, but try not to over think! Go with your gut and answer as honestly as possible. Thank you again for your time!
Zoo Visitor Survey
Food (282 responses)
senior project 
Mass Media Representation of Immigration (75 responses)
Contact: litte1mg@cmich.edu OR elms1am@cmich.edu This survey is collecting data on the extent to which the media affects individual opinion on the immigration situation in the United States. In order to better understand the media's influence on immigration, this survey will provide data on how people feel about certain phrases and frames commonly used in the immigration debate. With an increasing spotlight on immigration at the America/Mexico border, it is crucial people understand the ex...
Mass Media Representation of Immigration
Should Harambe have been killed? (211 responses)
A few days ago, a gorilla named Harambe was killed to save a small boy that fell into his pen at the Cincinnati Zoo. What do you think should happen in this situation? This survey was conducted from 5/31/16 to 6/2/16 and was advertised on Facebook. These results were from participants who claimed to be from 18 to 65+ years old, English-speaking, and living in the U.S. You can use the "Split & Compare" tool to find out interesting results!
Should Harambe have been killed?
Canadian Awareness of Sex Trafficking (129 responses) Canadian Awareness of Sex Trafficking
St. Stephens Climate Quiz
This is a basic quiz designed to gauge your understanding and awareness of climate change . It will help us understand the sort of support and training you require to enhance your awareness of climate change. There is no negative marking and it constitutes of multiple choice objective type questions. Please read carefully and attempt all questions as quickly as possible in all honesty. It should not ideally take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Please fill the last question with your detail...
St. Stephens Climate Quiz
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