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As part of the festive celebration, we are giving out a two day trip to Aqua Safari with massage inclusive.
Djokoshop New Year Giveaway
* Please only complete this survey if you have been working in your current service for more than 6 months.
An overview of current occupational therapy practice in intellectual disability in Ireland
This survey looks at any information given to patients by nursing staff.
Medicines Information for Patients - Nurse Survey
To assess the effectiveness of the NURTURE program
NURTURE Participant pre-assessment
Health Care (
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we want your opinion
Health Care
The Central South Regional Stroke team is committed to providing education that aligns with Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care (Quality Based Procedures). To ensure a relevant and meaningful education program for 2019-20, we are seeking the input of individuals and teams working with individuals with stroke. You may choose to complete this survey as a team, as a small group or as an individual team member. We do ask that you identify your facility to help us in our planning.
What are your Stroke Education needs for 2019-20? - Central South Regional Stroke
PAAS Training Survey (
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PAAS Training Survey
Educación Bucal (
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El motivo de la encuesta es conocer el nivel de la cultura bucal que existe en las personas con el fin de mejorar su salud bucal y prevenir la aparición de caries en las personas mediante el uso de varios instrumentos de fácil acceso
Educación Bucal
Antipulgas chineadog (
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Esta encuesta tiene el objetivo de hacer un estudio de mercado sobre un nuevo producto llamado "antipulgas chineadog" , muchas gracias por tu opinión
Antipulgas chineadog
This brief questionnaire survey is designed to gather information about the impact of unsolicited email invitations on your professional life and your general views on predatory journals.It should take no longer than five minutes to complete. Thanks for participating!
CAPTCHA Study - Predatory Emails Survey for Colorectal Surgeons
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