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The recent mainstream focus on experimental policies as an attempt to combat climate change has created a somewhat divided public reaction. This study aims to respond to the gap in knowledge of social responses to climate change policies; highlighted in the IPCC A5 report.
A survey to determine social attitudes towards climate change policies
A survey to investigate attitudes towards wind energy with regards to proximity and exposure
Survey about the history of The Roundhouse and it's relevance to the local people.
Critical Heritage: The Roundhouse
This project aims to study the subsequent rise in hostility surrounding the vote for the UK to leave the European Union in June 2016. I am a student within the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow. The research is not funded and its purpose is to fulfil my undergraduate dissertation. The dissertation is not to be published and all information provided will be kept strictly under confidentiality.This survey aims to uncover general opinion on whether there was, or...
Investigating the rise in hostility within Britain surrounding the Brexit vote.
There are several types of leader, and which you consider yourself.,
Do you know a leader?
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Through the survey of people's views on Parliament Square Garden from different perspectives, to find out the causes of common value and biased value.
A questionnaire on the use of historic Spaces in the city, taking Parliament Square Garden as an example.
Cross-Cultural Understanding Survey Two
Die 10 vrae menings peiling wat minder as 3 min. sal neem om te voltooi, is opgestel om vas te stel hoeveel die algemene Afrikaner Boer weet van die strukture en leierskap van sulke strukture. Na aanleiding van stellings soos: 'Die leiers is hier, maar waar is die Volk', probeer ons vas stel of U weet van die leierskap en byeenkomste gereel deur so n organisasie of leierskap.Ons vra U om asb die lys in te vul, sonder om eers navorsing te doen of om die antrwoorde te soek voor U n vraag ...
Ken jy jou Leiers - Afrikaner Eenheid!
A local's perspective (
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A local's perspective
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