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Hello and welcome to the Class of 1970's 50th Reunion initial survey! We would like to introduce ourselves as the committee members: Dan Biles, Bruce Gundaker, Scott Holland, Janet (Morrell) Hutcheson, Leslie Ristine and Patti Jo (Stiles) Swenda! We have been working since the start of the year on planning a "Reunion for the Ages"; the dates are set (the weekend of October 9, 2020), we have contracted with The Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia, and have assembled an itinerary of e...
UMAHS Class of 1970 - reunion attendance
Europe Adventure (
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Hello my darlings! There are so many sights to see in Europe I wanted to see what your MUST see choices. So please complete this survey quickly. Just as a reminder we will be traveling to these stops on our cruise ship (in this order). Barcelona, Spain (a day and a half), Naples, Italy(7am-7pm), Rome, Italy(Civitavechia 6am-7pm), Florence/Pisa, Italy(Livorno 7am-7pm), Cannes, France(8am-6pm), Palma Majorca, Spain(1pm-8pm). Typically, you are required to return to the ship 1 hour before depar...
Europe Adventure
TUT WOW Tours 2019 Survey. All answers are anonymously submitted.
I am a student from University of the West of Scotland, in conducting a survey on the travel preferences and consumption patterns of domestic tourists in China. I hope to be able to collect relevant information for academic purposes, all data collection will be treated confidentially. This questionnaire does not need to fill in personal data. Thank you for your helping!您好! 本人是 University of the West of Scotland 學生,正在進行一項關於國內旅遊的消費模式與旅遊偏好之調查,本人希望能夠收集到相關資料以作學術用途,所有收集資料將保密處理,而有關問卷並不需要填寫個人資料,敬希各位幫忙填寫...
Assess Travel Preferences and Consumption Patterns of Domestic Tourists in Mainland China
Hello, i am currently in my final year at Bolton University studying a BSC International Tourism Management Degree. I am conducting market research in order to find out how effective Britain's marketing techniques are for tourism and i would really appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes of your time to complete a copy. The questionnaire consists of 14 questions and all responses will be kept anonymous and no one will be identifiable in the research.
How effective are Britain's marketing techniques for tourism?
Maklumat ini sebagai Rekod Kehadiran anggota semasa menghadiri Program/SPI yang diadakan oleh Pengurusan. Sila isikan dengan lengkap untuk tujuan pengesahan kehadiran.
Pengesahan Kehadiran Sambutan UlangTahun ke-70 KWSP & Majlis Perpisahan Anggota Tarikh : 7 Oktober 2021 Masa : 11.00 pagi
Hello Family! It's that time to get out decisions together in preparation for the 2017 trip. Please answer the questions below and contact Tonya or myself if you have any additional questions.
Ladies Trip May 2017
We at Biloxi Cruise Company, LLC believe in giving our guests an excellent experience with our entire tour process. This survey is to make sure that Bioxi Cruise Company, LLC is exceeding those expectations for our clients. By completing this survey you will assist us with improving our services in the future.
Biloxi Cruise Company, LLC Booking Experience
The purpose of my research is to develop tourism marketing strategies for Sooke. This research project has received clearance from the RRU Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research participant, please contact the ethics office at ethicalreview@royalroads.ca; 1-250-391-2600 ext. 4206.
Sooke Marketing Strategies
In order for us to design the best custom trip for you and your family we need to learn more about what type of experience you are looking for. Please fill out this questionnaire so we can discuss a memorable vacation for you and your family! Thank you, Julie and Bryan Boyd
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