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Drinking and performance (74 responses)
Survey about drinking and one's academic performance.
Drinking and performance
DC NIGHTLIFE (58 responses)
We are a group of students in a Marketing Research course conducting a research project. We are researching the nightlife habits of college students (21 years of age or older.) We want to determine where, how, and why college students spend their time and money at night. This is a brief survey that should take approximately 10-15 minutes. Thank you for your time and willingness to participate.
Your Feelings About P.E. Class ----- (34 responses)
Hello and THANK YOU for participating! Please answer all questions in the order they appear; DO NOT SKIP AHEAD! Your answers are 100% confidential, and neither your name nor individual answers will appear anywhere in the survey or project's results.
Your Feelings About P.E. Class -----
JPFC Proposal Survey (133 responses)
A proposal has been submitted to the Futurity Committee that seeks to add 5 year old POAs in all JPFC classes currently offered. The proposal also seeks to establish a new division exclusively for the 3 year old ponies, thus redefining the age break downs as 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4&5 year olds. In consideration of the large number of classes currently offered at POA shows the proposal allows for the combining of the 2&3 year old divisions and all shows classified regionals or below. The separation of 2&3 year olds would therefore only be required at classics, West World, Congress, and the National Futurity. This survey seeks to gather information from the general POAC population as to the support, or lack there of, for these proposed changes. In an effort to predict potential numbers of entry the survey also asks questions specifically to owners of ponies that participated in the National Futurity in 2016.
JPFC Proposal Survey
Silento (37 responses)
Silento is a device that blocks noises coming in and outside houses
Survey for Organizations Served by Project Knitwell (10 responses)
Project Knitwell is evaluating the services it provides to organizations, hospitals, and individuals to determine what works well and where improvements can be made.  As we develop planning moving forward, it is necessary to have a greater understanding of how we can best meet your needs. Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide valuable feedback and insights which will assist Project Knitwell!
Survey for Organizations Served by Project Knitwell
Home Buying Survey (275 responses) Home Buying Survey
The Board of Directors is considering taking the initial steps toward have the owners vote on converting Ocean Place to a smoke-free property. Because neither current Florida law nor our governing documents prohibits smoking within individual units (although such smoking may constitute an actionable nuisance), the transition to a smoke-free property requires an amendment to the Declaration adopted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all unit owners. In order to determine whether there is s...
Customer Satisfaction Survey (1 responses)
Please Make Selections:
Customer Satisfaction Survey
An Examination of Stress Culture at Columbia University (100 responses) An Examination of Stress Culture at Columbia University
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