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Change in Major (112 responses) Change in Major
Survey Pilot (7 responses)
Survey Research Methods My name is Jewell Honey-Love and I am a student of Keiser University Doctor in Health Science Program. For Dr. Boris class DBR810, I was asked to perform a brief survey about student’s satisfaction with the delivery method of online courses. I would like to ask you at your convenience please consider taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete the following survey. Just remember the survey is anonymous. Also, keep in mind the information you provide will be shared with other peers as well as Dr. Boris. If any additional information is needed, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks, in Advance, Jewell Honey-Love J.Honey-love@student.keiseruniversity.edu
Survey Pilot
Monty Roberts VS Traditional Methods (23 responses)
The purpose of this questionnaire is to compare opinions specifically between Traditional Methods and Monty Roberts’ Methods, therefore a minimal knowledge of Monty Robert's methods is desirable, but not required. Other training methods such as Parelli, Clicker Training, etc. do not need to be taken into consideration. Background Information: Marvin Earl "Monty" Roberts is an American horse trainer who promotes his techniques of natural horsemanship through his Join-Up International organization, named after the core concept of his training method. Roberts believes that horses use a non-verbal language, which he terms "Equus," and that humans can use this language to communicate with horses. Roberts has authored a number of books including his original best-seller, The Man Who Listens to Horses, and regularly tours with a live demonstration. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Roberts) Traditional Horse Training stems from the Military and early domestication of the horse. More recent associations that promote traditional training methods are the British Horse Society, the Spanish Riding School and other European Riding Schools. These methods have been very successful at training horses to do what we want them to do (Vicki Jones, 2015. naylors.com/blog/natural-horsemanship-versus-traditional-horse-training/)
Monty Roberts VS Traditional Methods
2017 FOP Contract Solicitations (92 responses)
In this survey, we are soliciting comments and suggestions for the upcoming contract negotiations with the City of Bethlehem. The results of this survey will be used by the Contract Committee as part of our negotiations. Please be honest and provide references if available. Any problems with the survey contact the FOP Board.
2017 FOP Contract Solicitations
Program Management Workshop (11 responses) Program Management Workshop
SAP Integration Readiness Assessment (81 responses)
We would like you to complete the readiness assessment with the view to determine your readiness for the implementation of the SAP Integration project. Please respond by marking the appropriate box as follow: 1 = Strongly Agree 2= Agree 3=Neutral 4=Disagree 5=Strongly Disagree You are also encouraged to add a comment in the box provided
SAP Integration Readiness Assessment
TMMI Morale Survey - Follow Up Questions (12 responses) TMMI Morale Survey - Follow Up Questions
VWSA Academy Temperature Check Survey 1
which you agree or disagree with the ten statements below and provide us with any comments you may feel helpful in the space provided at the end of the survey. Your feedback will be much appreciated. Best Regards, TTI Global Team
VWSA Academy Temperature Check Survey 1
Tech Summit Pre Survey (5 responses)
Pre-Survey Assessment of skills before training
Tech Summit Pre Survey
Farm Hub Facilities Needs Survey (16 responses)
The following is being used to help best evaluate the current and future needs for a new facility at the Farm Hub. Please take some time to answer the below questions and add any additional comments or concerns.
Farm Hub Facilities Needs Survey
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