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Design Team Employee Survey
The purpose of this survey is to find out 1. How you are doing 2. What are your thoughts when it comes to your morale, career growth and are your managers helping you to get there 3. What do you want to be/do in Grab 4. Do you enjoy doing what you do, and why Having these info will help us design our processes and internal coaching. It will also give us insights into areas where we didn’t do so well, and to hear from you suggestions on how to make them better
Design Team Employee Survey
HRD Feedback (1 responses)
HRD Feed Back analysis 2016-17 by T&HRD Division
HRD Feedback
MHEL Dipstick Survey (19 responses)
Dear All, We would like to welcome you for Distick Survye. Please give your candid opinion for this survye, which will help us to improve further
MHEL Dipstick Survey
shanthinikethan 10 th class get together (1 responses)
interesting candidates submit their views
shanthinikethan 10 th class get together
Employee Survey - Pramod
This is a 360 degree survey sample.
Employee Survey - Pramod
Feedback Survey (6 responses)
Hey Guys, Please take the time to fill out this quick survey. We want to know how you've felt at oikos suzhou so far and what we must do, to strive to make it better for all of us. We at the oikos board want just 5 minutes of your time to answer these questions so we can accelertate more meaningful changes for the next semester.
Feedback Survey
A Quiz over the material covered for Orientation
Casey's Toys Customer Survey (3 responses) Casey's Toys Customer Survey
Learning About My Audience (871 responses)
A few basic demongraphic questions and some other interesting and fun ones just to get an idea of who's watching!
Learning About My Audience
1st survey (3 responses) 1st survey
First date (54 responses)
I'm going to ask a pretty girl out. If you were (are) a pretty girl, where would you like to go on a first date?
First date
Starbucks $25.00 Gift Card
You will get a $25 Starbucks gift card if you take this anonymous 7 question survey. The information we are collecting is to assist people that are having relationship challenges.
Starbucks $25.00 Gift Card
Valentines Date Auction (8 responses)
Auctioning off James Anthony, Justyce Martin, and Key Key Turner for Valentines dates. You become the highest bidder you have a date for Valentines Day. Let's go. (Each person is going with each of there highest bidder.) Just something fun that we are doing. Now go out an cast your vote.
Valentines Date Auction
Testing for Surgical UBC (6 responses)
testing 1.2
Testing for Surgical UBC
SMES Alumni 95 Meeting and Reunion Prep (13 responses)
Let's answer a few questions para mas prepared kita for future meetings and other events.  Your answers will be treated with respect and will be used to help us prepare better. : )
SMES Alumni 95 Meeting and Reunion Prep
Yearbook Superlatives (122 responses)
Enjoy the survey and please answer all questions.
Yearbook Superlatives
Joining Survey - SMARTe Inc. (4 responses)
We are conducting survey in order to get a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction, and engagment at SMARTe. Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your chance to express those opinions.
Joining Survey - SMARTe Inc.
Colchester United Supporter & Stadium User Equality Survey (213 responses)
We'd like to find out more about our fan and customer base at the Weston Homes Community Stadium.. Colchester United have always been proud of our community engagement, both on matchdays and in the many other events we hold at the Weston Homes Community Stadium. We are keen that we are an all inclusive and welcoming club and venue and are busy working towards achieving the EFL Equality Code of Practice, the minimum standard for Equality and Inclusion within Football. The Equality Code of Practice is a whole club initiative developed in consultation between the EFL, clubs and many other external organisations (such as Kick It Out and Level Playing Field) and forms part of EFL’s commitment, to the whole game English Football Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Action Plan, which is reported back to Government. Through this initiative, we hope to improve the experience for everyone who visits the Weston Homes Community Stadium or our other venues by eliminating all forms of discrimination, be it direct, indirect, harassment or victimisation, by the promotion of the nine protected characteristics prescribed by the Equality Act 2010 – age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, sex, pregnancy & maternity, religion or belief, race and sexual orientation.
Colchester United Supporter & Stadium User Equality Survey
Survivor (1274 responses)
Outwit, Outlast, Out Answer
Sexual Misconduct at Plymouth State (47 responses)
Sexual misconduct is a broad term encompassing any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that is committed without consent or by force, intimidation, coercion, or manipulation. Sexual misconduct can be committed by a person of any gender, and it can occur between people of the same or different gender.
Sexual Misconduct at Plymouth State
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