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A Quiz over the material covered for Orientation
Casey's Toys Customer Survey (3 responses) Casey's Toys Customer Survey
Learning About My Audience (871 responses)
A few basic demongraphic questions and some other interesting and fun ones just to get an idea of who's watching!
Learning About My Audience
1st survey (3 responses) 1st survey
Welcome to your networking survey! (23 responses)
Please respond to each answer as brutally honest as possible. We want to make sure that you gain the best experience out of this meetup. When asked about hobbies or interests, only respond with what you currently do. There will be an opportunity to also express things you'd like to do or try with a friend. Don't say you bowl as an interest  if it's a goal of yours because you'll be paired with a regular bowler and they might be disappointed. Do say, you go to yoga twice as ...
Welcome to your networking survey!
Influencer Treasure (14 responses)
Thanks for taking time to answer our queries & joining hands in our efforts to help Influencers generate more revenue  
Influencer Treasure
BRCM SPEED:           SYNA STAFF PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, ENHANCEMENT & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME BRCM SPEED is BRCM School’s customized and personalized Performance enhancement program for the School Faculty to move towards a synchronization between their personal objectives and BRCM’s own long term mission of being the pre-eminent center of learning in the country producing future leaders with global perspective and an Indian ethos. A.   &nb...
fairwell awards nomination (2 responses) fairwell awards nomination
First date (54 responses)
I'm going to ask a pretty girl out. If you were (are) a pretty girl, where would you like to go on a first date?
First date
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