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Pattern recognition experiment 1 (14 responses)
This survey will test your skills in pattern recognition, and study your ability to determine if a set of items has a sequence or not. The first section will give sets of items that have a sequence, and you will be asked to predict the next item in the sequence. The second section will give sets of items that may or may not have a sequence and will ask you to determine if any such sequence exists.
Pattern recognition experiment 1
2017 Fall REPP RAC Meeting (12 responses)
Thank you for participating in the Fall REPP RAC Meeting. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, so we can better serve you, in the future.
2017 Fall REPP RAC Meeting
Application of Personhood to Artificially Intelligent Entities: The Opinion of Central Michigan University Students (44 responses)
Informed Consent: Application of Personhood to Artificially Intelligent Entities: The Opinion of Central Michigan University Students Contact Information: lowe4se@cmich.edu rolew1ac@cmich.edu  brenn2km@cmich.edu   Project Description:  The purpose of this project is to determine what opinions CMU students currently have about the topic of personhood and how those opinions may apply to artificial intelligence in the future.  We want to know which definitions of person...
Application of Personhood to Artificially Intelligent Entities: The Opinion of Central Michigan University Students
Physics Outreach Questionnaire (54 responses)
This survey has been written to aid me in writing an assignment for my 4th year Politics, Perception and Philosophy in Physics module at University of Nottingham. It is open to all current and past student of physics at any university. It looks at your motivation to study physics with a focus on any outreach activities that encouraged you to apply. All responses will be anonymous and no personal information will be used in the assignment. Thank you in advance for undertaking this survey.
Physics Outreach Questionnaire
Worldview Survey (25 responses)
Each of us has a worldview.  Our worldview determines how we think, how we act and is instrumental in decisions we make each and every day. Please take two minutes to complete this quick survey to help us understand the worldview of teenagers today. Please do not complete this survey more than one time in order to help maintain it's integrity.  Thank You!
Worldview Survey
A world with designer babies: utopia or dystopia? (20 responses)
"Are we good enough? If not, how may we improve ourselves? Must we restrict ourselves to traditional methods like study and training? Or should we also use science to enhance some of our mental and physical capacities more directly?" (Bostrom, N., Savulescu, J. - Human enhancements ethics: the state of the debate) Our world is going through a technology boom, and that includes the life sciences. Now that it is possible to edit the genome through faster and cheaper methods (e.g. CRISPR), our society is facing with a new problematic of human rights and equality. On one side, genetic alterations are seen as techniques that are bound to alter the essence of humanity itself, and on the other, it is seen as a new step in our evolution. This is a survey conducted by Bio-ME, a magazine written by and for biosciences students, but also for those that are interested in this broad domain of science. For this issue, we want to see what is your opinion regarding the impact that could have on the modern world the existence of designer children (obtained through genetic engineering). Completing the survey will take up to 20 minutes, and the answers won't be used for commercial purposes. For more questions and updates you can check our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/revistabiome).
A world with designer babies: utopia or dystopia?
Are You Happy?
This survey will help contribute to some research being done about how positivity affects our lives.
Are You Happy?
Recapitulación Tolteca (50 responses)
Efectividad de la terapia alternativa de Recapitulación Tolteca en practicantes en México” Esta es una encuesta de participación anónima y voluntaria. La evaluación que proporcione será empleada como un trabajo de investigación universitaria. Instrucciones: Lea detenidamente cada pregunta y elija la respuesta que le parezca más apropiada.
Recapitulación Tolteca
Understanding resilience in Irish helping professionals. (17 responses)
One in five individuals will experience depression or other mental health difficulty in their lifetime (WHO, 2003). Approximately 500 Irish people each year commit suicide (CSO, 2015). These people are our siblings, parents, friends and children. This is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral study. It is investigating factors that contribute to the resilience of Irish individuals. Your contribution will help to increase our understanding of these issues in the Irish population. Any individual who works or volunteers with homelessness, addiction, abuse, policing, emergency response, trauma-counselling or other area involving exposure to upsetting events are invited to part-take in the study. The survey will take approximately 20-25mins to complete. Please answer honestly without taking too long or thinking too much about any one answer.
Understanding resilience in Irish helping professionals.
Economic Security
We are seeking answers that will help us devise ways individuals may increase their income and secure their economy for themselves.
Economic Security
New Years Resolution Survey (21 responses)
First, thank you for taking the time to take this survey! Edge Fitness & Strength is developing a 90 day workout and nutrition plan to help people finally, once and for all, complete their fitness goals they set for the new year. This survey will assist us in making the best possible program to help solve all the problems that lead to people not following through with their goals!
New Years Resolution Survey
MScGG Thesis: Consumer Scenarios (39 responses)
This survey has been developed to assess your choices as a consumer. Please answer all the questions truthfully and honestly. Please answer the questions in the third section as these are a required part of the research. Your name is not required to complete the survey and any details given will be dealt with according to the University of South Wales ethical policy for research.
MScGG Thesis: Consumer Scenarios
Where is the line between morality and survival?
This survey is intended to indicate, as human beings, how far our morality stretches and how our environment affects our level of morality. 
Where is the line between morality and survival?
Challenges with dating in the 21st century (14 responses)
Take a moment to share your dating experience! Fill out our short survey and get a chance to win free admissions to our Singles Mixer events happening weekly in the DMV area. Food must be purchased separately. By completing this survey, you will have a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of free year Singles Mixer events ($500 value, one winner). Our second prize is six months of our Singles Mixer events ($250 value, three winners). Good luck!
Challenges with dating in the 21st century
Gender Communication Skills (40 responses) Gender Communication Skills
Defining Value (53 responses)
The purpose of this survey is to assist my research in defining the popular opinions of an average American on global issues as well as how they live out those opinions/the values derived from them.
Defining Value
Where lies the line between morality and survival? (21 responses)
This survey is designed to evaluate where human morality extends to and how situational variable affect our sense of morality.
Where lies the line between morality and survival?
Social Learning and Professional Ethics
This questionnaire was developed for the purposes of studying the effects of social learning as it relates to a person's level of professional ethics. We were all raised in different environments, and learned different values, therefore it is important to assess how those values affect the decisions we make as adults, with careers, families, and personal responsibilities.
Social Learning and Professional Ethics
2017 Fulfilling Relationship Retreat Survey (18 responses)
Windsor Lindor and Jennifer Filzen have co-created the Fulfilling Relationship Service where women and men can co-create in harmony and develop a new path of full creative expression (http://www.windsorlindor.com/fulfillingrelationship.html). This service also provides retreats that pave the way for new experiences and new ways that lead people to choose the pathway to co-commitment, conscious living and a life that binds Love and fulfillment. Please take a minute to fill out the following survey so we can better meet your needs for the 2017 Fulfilling Relationship ’s Retreat. Please complete the survey before January 1, 2017 and receive 5% off of your next retreat.
2017 Fulfilling Relationship Retreat Survey
Leadership Survey (43 responses)
Please consider taking this 5 question survey about leadership for a graduate paper I am working on. I would love to have your feedback. Thanks!
Leadership Survey
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