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DNC Email Leak (
  • 2016, 
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Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as Chairperson for the DNC as a result of a recent email leak. What are your thoughts about the leak, the response, and the aftermath?
DNC Email Leak
Dear Respondent, This survey is intended to gather the views of the Liberian voters who plan to participate in the 2017 elections. Please take a few minutes and respond honestly to the following questions. Your response could help us to gather information about what voters are thinking. Please respond by March 15, 2017. If you have any question concerning the polling, please contact me at ctokpah@kent.edu. Chris Tokpah, Ph.D.
Liberia 2017 Elections Presidential Polling #1
This is a short survey to help us identify the geographic areas that LEAD has been able to reach and whether or not we have members interested at this time, in running for office. This is a baseline survey to help us know who our members are and where they are. Thanks for your time.
LEAD South Dakota Members, March 2017
Almost nobody is happy with Congress, but nearly everybody reelects their own congressmen. It's strange. The point of this survey is to find which Congressmen the majority of people dislike the most. We can then focus our energy against these people and get rid of them.
Which Congressmen Need to Lose Their Jobs?
2018 Gubernatorial Poll (
  • 2018, 
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The purpose of this poll is to gather a survey of who NH voters are deciding to vote for in the upcoming gubernatorial election on November 6, 2018.
2018 Gubernatorial Poll
2018 Election (
  • 2018, 
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Who will you vote for in 2018.
2018 Election
Juvenile Division Culture Survey
This survey seeks input from the residents of the Town of China about the operating hours for the Town Office. Your participation is critical to ensuring the needs of community are being adequately met in the schedule of operating hours. If you have already completed and returned a paper version of this survey, please do not complete the online survey.
Town of China Survey for Town Office Operating Hours
Recently, President Obama said that without term limits, he could have won a third term if the election had been held between him and Trump. Your thought? This survey was conducted from 1/3/17 to 1/4/17, and was advertised on Facebook. On Facebook, this survey targeted everyone living in the U.S. who had interests in voting, election, and politics. Please use the cross-tabulation tool for in-depth analysis.
Obama vs. Trump: who could win a general election if it was held today?
Scottish Independence (
  • 2017, 
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Scottish Independence
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