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Children are being abuse and are not aware they are being abuse due to not know what is actually happening to them. The problem is that they are so young and not able to communicate what's happening. Children should be taught what is right and what is wrong at an early age. Schools counselors teach students about bullying and drug free week, why not what child abuse consist of?
Should children be taught what child abuse consist of?
Conflict between the classes between causes discrimination. Identify behavior patterns measured by survey and statistics
Stratification and Conflict between the classes
Please review the following questions below and rate Cindy Peregrino using the following rating scale: 0 = Not at all like her 1 = Somewhat like her 2 = Mostly like her 3 = Very much like her
This is a survey to understand the influence of colors over human emotions.
Colors and Emotions
Video Questionnaire (
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This Questionnaire will contain questions regarding the videos you have just viewed
Video Questionnaire
In the following Questionnaire, please answer how likely you are to agree with the following statements.
Personality Questionnaire
Digital marketing (
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Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behaviour
Digital marketing
Personality and attitudes towards sex offenders
Stress (
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Hi, thankyou for being interested in my study. Your time and effort is appreciated.
Follow up Survey: Marijuana use & Academic Success
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