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This is an anonymous survey for an English 102 qualitative research assignment. The assignment is to assess the opinions of a small population regarding the topic of race. Broad Research Question: How do white, male students in the electric engineering department at the University of Tennessee feel about their racial identity? Please enter a response for each question. If you really don't have a response or do not wish to answer, just type "No Response". It is anonymous, so I would appr...
David's ENG 102 Research
Champs Pit Scouting (
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Champs Pit Scouting
What do you think? (
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What do you think? Society's acceptance of others is based on our perceptions of individual differences. Please complete the following survey for the completion of my class assignment. It can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Your answers are private.
What do you think?
Several questions which need answers today
ANC Leadership/ DA Racial Issues/ EFF Survival /BUSISIWE MKHWEBANA
Identidad UD (
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Identidad UD
Who speaks Ebonic? (
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Informed Consent: Who speaks Ebonic? Green4hl@cmich.edu , Oster1rm@cmich.edu , Parit1jr@cmich.edu Project Description: We are doing a research project for our English 201 class and researching issues concerning Ebonics of Black English. Procedure and Risks: I would like to use the information from this survey in my English 201 paper. No personal identifiers will be used to ensure your anonymity. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want. ...
Who speaks Ebonic?
My name is Miriame. I am a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University, pursuing a master's degree in Criminology. I am conducting this research as part of my Research Method's class and would greatly appreciate your participation.Consent Statement: The purpose of this study is to learn what factors play a role in citizen’s satisfaction with their local law enforcement. I do not anticipate any risks to you participating in this study. You will remain completely anonymous and an...
Citizen's perception of their local police officers
I am conducting this survey for a research paper. I believe that there is a a social divide between the African-American culture and the African culture. My main goal is to identify why this problem exist, and if it truly exist. This survey is limited to Africans and African Americans in the United States only. Please respond truthfully.
Identification Of Black America
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Hello all! If you are here that means you've made the first step in collaborating with me in building a new positive platform for future generations of the Black Community! I am so honoured to have you share you opinions with me and I shall use them to do great things and I'm happy you are here on this journey with me. This survey will only take a small part of your time. Please answer as honestly as you can. Your answers can be a short or as long as you wish. THANK YOU!
Thank you for taking the time to partake in my study. Your answers will be used for my primary dissertation research, in which I'm exploring various cultural perspectives on body objectification in fashion and what effect this has on the progression of intersectional feminism. I aim to collect views from a diverse range of women living in the UK. Please only answer questions you feel comfortable with/ feel able to answer, it is fine to leave blanks. Your responses are anonymous, so answer as hon...
Your Perspective as a Women Living in the UK in 2016
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