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Help Us Make Next Year's Summit Even Better (34 responses)
We are looking for your honest feedback regarding what you would like to see or learn more about at next year's Safety Summit.
Help Us Make Next Year's Summit Even Better
Climate Survey (23 responses)
Direct i on s : Please select the number which best represents your level of agreement with each statement below.
Climate Survey
Richland Center Community Safety Survey (33 responses)
This survey is meant to analyze the current state of public safety in Richland Center. This survey is not being facilitated through any local law enforcement entity nor will the results be shared with them.
Richland Center Community Safety Survey
MicroLearning-Lifting (1 responses)
Please take this brief survey on proper lifting techniques.
August Drill- Mental Health Emergencies
Please read the scenarios/questions and answer the questions. Please refer to the " Mental Health Emergencies" document as needed.
August Drill- Mental Health Emergencies
Safe Light (1 responses)
Informed Consent: [Safe Light] [Khan5s@cmich.edu] Procedure and Risks: I would like to use the information from this survey in my Business Information Systems paper.  No personal identifiers will be used to ensure your anonymity. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want.  You can decide not to answer any question or to stop the survey any time you want.  There are no known risks associated with participation in the study. Benefits: It is...
Safe Light
JointDefence Market Research (1 responses)
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. JointDefence are conducting market research and value your answers to ensure we are tailoring our business to our customers needs. By completing this survey, you will be entered into a draw for the chance to win a FREE home security survey! Closing date: MONDAY 27TH MARCH 2017.
JointDefence Market Research
Legalization of marijuana (5 responses)
The legalization of marijuana is a subject that has generated a lot of controversies and debates. There are people who have said yes to legalization but also, there are people who have said no. In the midst of these controversies and debates, we can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the legalization of marijuana. Its advantages: provide medical benefits, promote the growth of the economy, and reduce the rate of violence and criminal activities. Its disadvantages: Intense anxiety a...
Legalization of marijuana
Peoples' view on Dhaka's traffic situation (23 responses)
This survey question has been designed to obtain a clear view on “People’s view on Dhaka’s traffic situation”. This survey is a part of research project that needs to be completed for the course Eng 105 at North South University, Dhaka. Your honest response is most appreciable and will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Thank you for your cooperation in filling out this questionnaire.
Peoples' view on Dhaka's traffic situation
Concussion and Protective Equipment in Contact Sports (169 responses)
Concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury, commonly associated with impacts to the head while participating in contact sports. In such instances, a diagnosis is often made using subjective screening tools, this does not always provide a diagnosis but helps in identifying a suspected concussion. Research shows that concussion can be identified more reliably through analysis of biomarkers present in cerebrospinal fluid, blood, as well as in saliva following concussion. We feel that this...
Concussion and Protective Equipment in Contact Sports
Why are we sending you this survey? We would like to know about your most recent experience as in inpatient at Niagra Falls Hospital.  Niagra Falls Hospital is committed to providing an exceptional patient care experience and ask for your input on now we can better meet your healthcare needs.  This a voluntary survey but we appreciate your input.  Please return the survey using the enclosed envelope.   Do not provide name or address. Who should complete the questio...
Biometric Security - Advances (26 responses)
Disclaimer - The information you provide today will only be used for research purposes. The information will not be sold or provided to any third party organisations. The data will only be kept for the research purposes at Middlesex University (Hendon).
Biometric Security - Advances
Tourists' Perceptions of Risk - Travelling to Indonesia (152 responses)
Thank you for your interest in completing this survey. It is a starting point for a wider research of tourists’ perceptions of risk and how it affects their decisions to travel, destination image and management. Here we are particularly focusing on Indonesia, but we would like to hear opinions of all sorts of travellers.  The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous, although the questions are in no way intrusive. The data will be analysed an...
Tourists' Perceptions of Risk - Travelling to Indonesia
Emergency Preparedness: Active Threat on Campus Survey (432 responses)
The purpose of this survey is to acquire data regarding the preparedness of the SCSU campus community to respond to the event of an active threat on campus. An active threat is defined as any incident, which by its deliberate nature creates an immediate threat or presents an imminent danger to the campus community. Please complete the survey in its entirety by marking the best answer. The survey is 10 questions long and should take about 5 minutes. This survey is anonymous. Data will be collected and combined with the response of others participating and no individuals will be identified. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.
Emergency Preparedness: Active Threat on Campus Survey
Prison System Survey (14 responses) Prison System Survey
School Bus Safety (19 responses)
The Purpose of this Survey is to Conduct Market Research for the Development of the School Bus Safety Bot (SBSB). Your Participation is Greatly Appreciated!  Thanks, Kris Zimmerman What is the The School Bus Safety Bot?  In concise terms, the SBSB, is a small device that will be installed on school bus stop-arms.  Bus drivers will be able to create accounts with an application on their phone that will be in constant communication with the safety bot, when in use. The SBSB w...
School Bus Safety
Concerns for the Elderly (83 responses)
You are being invited to take part in research that will inform a student coursework submission. The student concerned is preparing research to support an MDes design project that will be assessed at Coventry University. The aim of this survey is to gather first hand thoughts and opinions on people's concerns about ageing. This research will then be used to help design a method of transport, with a focus on the elderly, within the next 20 years that addresses current and future issues. This survey is completely anonymous and confidentiality will be kept when publishing the finalised report. This data will be kept and used at Coventry university only.
Concerns for the Elderly
The Psychological Effects of Sydney Russell's Design (477 responses) The Psychological Effects of Sydney Russell's Design
Perceptions on the Police (16 responses)
You are being asked to participate in a study assessing citizen perceptions on the police. The purpose of this study is to identify areas which are vital to community-police relations. In this survey you will be asked an array of questions assessing your perceptions on a series of police related issues, personal feelings towards the police, and perceived statistics of the job. Your answers will be kept private, and your identity anonymous. Lastly, your participation is voluntary and you may wit...
Perceptions on the Police
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