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Escuela Bíblica (193 responses)
Encuesta realizada para adquirir información acerca de la relación de una persona cristiana con la Escuela Bíblica ofrecida en su congregación. ESTA ENCUESTA ES ANÓNIMA Y VOLUNTARIA. FAVOR DE CONTESTAR LO MAS FIELMENTE POSIBLE Dudas o preguntas, favor de comunicarse con María Sargent 787-619-4041
Escuela Bíblica
As part of my design project research, I'm conducting a survey on cookware; the data collected would be used for academic purpose only
Happy Project (203 responses) Happy Project
Better Under Pressure (32 responses)
We are five Business Administration students that have been tasked with a project involving creating a business plan for a potential business. The purpose for this survey is to gain feedback on how well a car wash would do in the town of Neepawa, Manitoba. This survey is completely confidential. All answers will remain anonymous and should take approximately 5 minutes to finish. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey it is very much appreciated!
Better Under Pressure
January Team Duren Meeting (14 responses)
With a team all hands meeting right around the corner, what better time than to provide feedback or ask questions. Please take time to help provide valuable feedback and insight on things that you feel could not only make things more excitable for you, but also help you achieve your 2017 Goals. In addition, take the opportunity to post any questions you would like to review collectively as a team that you feel can help bring transparency to the overall team.
January Team Duren Meeting
Valentines Date Auction (8 responses)
Auctioning off James Anthony, Justyce Martin, and Key Key Turner for Valentines dates. You become the highest bidder you have a date for Valentines Day. Let's go. (Each person is going with each of there highest bidder.) Just something fun that we are doing. Now go out an cast your vote.
Valentines Date Auction
Customer feedback (Compack Case)
This short survey is intended to gather feedback from the customers, after having reviewed our product ( Compack Case)
Customer feedback (Compack Case)
MMG Client Survey (23 responses)
We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you with your mortgage needs in the future. Help us serve you better by taking this quick survey. Thank you!
MMG Client Survey
Drink of Choice survey (120 responses)
This survey is for a statistic class and is being used for an analysis report to determine if the choice of drink reflects age.
Drink of Choice survey
Your Opinion Survey. (49 responses)
This questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you :)
Your Opinion Survey.
Dibsonlinesurvey (41 responses)
Enjoy your Dips Experience
CivicPlus Trainer/Consultant Survey (3 responses) CivicPlus Trainer/Consultant Survey
What size is your dog? (57 responses)
Thank you for helping me by participating in this short survey of dogs. I anticipate you will complete this survey in 5 minutes or less. Thanks again Kate
What size is your dog?
Obama vs. Trump: who could win a general election if it was held today? (1411 responses)
Recently, President Obama said that without term limits, he could have won a third term if the election had been held between him and Trump. Your thought? This survey was conducted from 1/4/17 to 1/5/17, and was posted at r/Samplesize at Reddit. Please use the cross-tabulation tool for in-depth analysis.
Obama vs. Trump: who could win a general election if it was held today?
Please Let Us Know About Your Experience With mJoose!
Hello, thank you for your recent mJoose product purchase! You are an early adopter of our mobile accessory products which makes you very special to us. We are grateful for your business and would like to understand more about your experience. Please help us serve you better by completing the brief (<5 minute) online survey below. This will ensure we continue to provide products that are important to customers like you. Thank you for your continued support! Daniel Ash CEO mJoose
Please Let Us Know About Your Experience With mJoose!
This survey is research for a project we are doing on Aspirin. It would really help us if you could fill this in for us and we would really appreciate it. Thank you!
PACE Head Start - Employee Satisfaction Survey (36 responses)
Employee satisfaction surveys provide management with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relations and a positive work environment. We want to collect employee feedback, analyze the results and strategize with management to close the gap between what we have now and where we want to be in the future. For this, we need your help by completing this survey. Thank You! This survey is completely anonymous
PACE Head Start - Employee Satisfaction Survey
2017 FOP Contract Solicitations (92 responses)
In this survey, we are soliciting comments and suggestions for the upcoming contract negotiations with the City of Bethlehem. The results of this survey will be used by the Contract Committee as part of our negotiations. Please be honest and provide references if available. Any problems with the survey contact the FOP Board.
2017 FOP Contract Solicitations
Women & Makeup (55 responses)
Thank you for deciding to help me with my sociology project by participating in this survey! Your answers will be anonymous so please answer ALL the questions and answer honestly for the purpose of accurate data :) PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS
Women & Makeup
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