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LCR Survey Nov. 2018 (119 responses)
This brief survey asks your opinion on the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) policies currently being prepared by the City of Penticton and specifically those that are relevant to the proposed 65-unit townhouse development on a 12 acre parcel at 375 Smyth Drive.  The new OCP will guide the City’s growth over the next 30+ years, particularly the location of 4,317 homes  required by the forecast 7,500 new residents.  For more information, visit https://www.shapeyourcitype...
LCR Survey Nov. 2018
Childminders Early Years Analysis of Income and Expenditure (18 responses)
In order to gauge the expenses versus our income and secure an average hourly rate for our early years we are asking these questions for all childminders in North Lanarkshire. You can remain anonymous by using our online survey or can send the answers to an admin of our page to be included in the analysis. We ask that you use your figures from the previously submitted tax year 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 or that you use your projecture for this tax year 1st April 2017- 31st March 2018.
Childminders Early Years Analysis of Income and Expenditure
Joining Survey - SMARTe Inc. (4 responses)
We are conducting survey in order to get a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction, and engagment at SMARTe. Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your chance to express those opinions.
Joining Survey - SMARTe Inc.
French Bulldogs French Bulldogs
PAX South Lunch Survey (17 responses)
Hi everyone! This survey is so we can help faciliatate lunch for PAX South 2019.  Please make sure you open up the attached .pdf, which is the menu for Jimmy John's - there are a number of sandwich names and/or numbers; Ex. #2 = Big John, which is a roast beef sandwich. You just need to tell us what you want either bu number (Ex. a #2), by Jimmy John's sandwich name (Ex. a "Big John") or describe what you would like. Please do not order the Gargantuan - we will not get t...
PAX South Lunch Survey
Customer Online Ordering Tool Survey (17 responses)
Happy New Year All -  The project team will appreciate if you can fill this short survey now that transition to the tool is 100% complete for all users. As mentioned on every training session, you can let us know any feedback as well by sending an email to: usb2bcoe.im@pg.com. Thanks.
Customer Online Ordering Tool Survey
World Thinking Day (6 responses)
There were 17 countries submitted for World Thinking Day. This survey will narrow down what choices we take to council.
World Thinking Day
Juvenile Division Culture Survey (35 responses) Juvenile Division Culture Survey
Pulse survey (4 responses) Pulse survey
2019-20 CBGC Executive Board Election and Board of Director Appointments (10 responses)
Our organization is looking for dynamic volunteers to coordinate plan sports activities, recruit volunteers, leverage community support, and help our great CBGC mission! Please submit your application through the 2019-20 Recruitment Form.  Answering the following questions will help us match your volunteer application with a suitable volunteer role. We thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering and supporting the Clinton Boys and Girls Club.
2019-20 CBGC Executive Board Election and Board of Director Appointments
Gratitude Class Feedback (1 responses)
Please provide honest feedback regarding the recent Gratitude class you attended. We appreciate constructive criticism AND tips for improvement. Thank you for taking the time!
Gratitude Class Feedback
INTEGRITI (129 responses)
Kaji selidik ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui sejauh mana penerapan nilai integriti dalam diri warga Markas dan kefahaman semua berkenaan integriti.
Family Reunion :)
Hello!  Welcome to the Pitrone/LeDonne Family Reunion. We have a huge family and its time we reconnect and get to know eachother other than funerals!  Please answer the questions honestly below and stay tuned!  Thanks,  Matt Baron (Grandson of Frances Pitrone Cirino)  81 10th st. Marlton NJ 08053 (856) 979-9186 mabaron@outlook.com  
Family Reunion :)
Home-Start Infant Feeding Peer Support Service Questionnaire 2018 -2019 (22 responses)
We are asking a selection of new parents across Tameside and Oldham who have used our infant feeding peer support service to complete this survey to help us ensure that relevant support is provided to new mothers in our area and to identify where improvements to our service can be made.
Home-Start Infant Feeding Peer Support Service Questionnaire 2018 -2019
BJI Employee Fitness/Wellness, Injury Prevention Survey (105 responses)
The BJI Employee Advisory Council is interested in establishing some baseline data regarding your interest in fitness/wellness and injury prevention. Please take a few minutes to complete this confidential survey. The results will be shared with the BJI team.
BJI Employee Fitness/Wellness, Injury Prevention Survey
Értékelés a nyaralós csoportról (10 responses)
Elôször is köszönjük hogy idôt szánsz arra hogy megoszd velünk véleményed és ezzel elôsegíted azt hogy jobban tudjuk végezni az odaadó munkánkat a segítségnyújtással kapcsolatban. Néhány kérdésre a saját szavaiddal válaszolj, értelemszerûen, néhányra pedig pontozással, amiben az 10-es a legmag...
Értékelés a nyaralós csoportról
Yamhill County inclusive proclamation (83 responses)
In a couple of recent Yamhill County Commissioner meetings, much discussion was had on the wording of a proclamation to ensure more of the area's population feels included.   Specifically mentioned were gays and the LGBT community.   Commissione Starrett wanted to include the rights of the unborn, that results in a half dozen showing up to strongly disagree with including the rights of the unborn.  What do you think?
Yamhill County inclusive proclamation
Valoraciones jornada 21. Céltiga FC 1-5 SD Compostela (28 responses)
Pon nota a la actuación de los futbolistas de la SD Compostela.
Valoraciones jornada 21. Céltiga FC 1-5 SD Compostela
Project Knitwell Board Survey (2 responses) Project Knitwell Board Survey
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