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Quadrones Questionnaire Quadrones Questionnaire
360 Review (9 responses)
FolksAs we are in the season of Annual Reviews,I would like to ask you to reflect on our last 9 months together and provide me with anonymous feedback on how I can lead the department more effectively in 2019.You know how much I love the Drive 5 so to be consistent with “Leading a Business Area”, please can you provide your commentary against those 5 headings. I am not afraid of the truth and always see feedback as the gift it is.Many thanksAlison
360 Review
Post Adoption Survey 30 days (1 responses)
At Whiskey Ridge Rescue, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome and we are so excited to have you be apart of that processes by adopting/fostering one of our equines (or other critter that may have found their way into our care). Our work does not stop there though. We want to ensure that everyone is happy, safe and satisfied with the new four legged addition to your family. This allows us to help you with any issues that may arise and keeps us informed about the wonderful soul that ...
Post Adoption Survey 30 days
Mormon Perspectives of Religious Discrimination (16 responses)
A study of Mormon beliefs on whether their religion is being actively discriminated against, and what regions these beliefs correlate to.
Mormon Perspectives of Religious Discrimination
Student Survey Student Survey
Item 5 (3 responses)
Item 5 concerning "has the child been in foster care for at least 15 of the most recent 22 months?"
Item 5
09_2 09_2
bid (1 responses)
spring 2019 bid
Salam Sejahtera Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan. identiti nama dan organisasi anda akan kekal tersembunyi/tidak diketahui dan tiada maklumat sulit yang berkaitan dengan organisasi anda telah diminta. Soal selidik hanya memerlukan 10-15 minit sahaja.
Limpieza Dental (48 responses)
Al responder esta serie de preguntas nos ayudamos a conocer más sobre la limpieza dental de los mexicanos y las preferencias de los productos
Limpieza Dental
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