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Hello: You are invited to participate in survey on reserch topic "Development of Methodology For Interactive Solid Modelling In Virtual Enviroment " . In this survey, approximately 50 people will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about Mr. Dipak V. Shirbhate (Research Student) and Dr. D. S. Ingole’s (Supervisor) virtual world. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The virtual world uses Web3D alternatively called as 3D on web techno...
" Development of Methodology for Interactive Solid Modelling in Virtual Environment "
Thank you for your time and help in the my study 'Fashion industry internships; is the current system right? The information we derive from your questionnaire will be used to inform my final year dissertation.The aim of this questionnaire;- To understand the current internship system.- To explore the awareness on unpaid internships-To explain how this affect those from different areas and finical backgrounds when seeking an internship.-To compare the advertisement of internships to the real...
'Fashion industry internships: is the current system, right?’
The stereotype of a female biker
This survey is designed to obtain feedback from residents and business owners in Highland Park during January 2020
Survey for Highland Park / Six Points Neighborhood 2020
HI! happy by kellogg (
  • 2020, 
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This survey will help me conduct information for my senior project on HI happy the 3in1 cereal
HI! happy by kellogg
The following survey consists of questions related to my project. In this survey you will review and evaluate my outcome.
Effectiveness of my outcome
Piaget formal operational study to evaluate adults and children abilities to perform challenging tasks. There are two tests to the study' the second one will be provided on completion of the first one. Thank you for taking part
6 to 11 years mental arithmetics maths test
CASA survey (
  • 2020, 
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CASA has created the following survey on the purpose of improving our customer experience and our overall services
CASA survey
Estereotipos Deporte (
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Estereotipos Deporte
In this project we want to study how indivdual consumers revise their inflation expectations after being exposed to new information and to investigate the link between behaviour and self reported belief.
Rate of increasing and decreasing Inflation
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