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Kia ora e nga whanau o Ngaitai During this time of COVID19 lockdown, Ngaitai Iwi Authority aim to keep us connected, cared for, and calm. Completion of this survey will help us to help you.
Navarre Community Survey
First Baptist Church Navarre wants to serve the people in the community. Our bibilcal mission in the community is concerned primarily with the spiritual wellfare of people in Navarre. The intention of this brief survey is to gain a better understanding of those needs so that the church's ministry will be relevant to our neighbors and friends residing here. Thank you for taking 3 minutes to answer the questions. Dr. John G. McInnis
Navarre Community Survey
Community Cooking Class Survey
Thank you for participating in our cooking class.  We hope that this resource will help our community to learn, grow, and come together around the need for healthy and affordable recipe options for our families.  Please help us to learn how we can improve the classes to better meet the needs of the community.
Community Cooking Class Survey
Richland Center Community Safety Survey (33 responses)
This survey is meant to analyze the current state of public safety in Richland Center. This survey is not being facilitated through any local law enforcement entity nor will the results be shared with them.
Richland Center Community Safety Survey
Fredericktown Community Soccer League Development (50 responses)
This survey is to measure in the interest level of the community of support for the development of a recreational soccer league in Fredericktown, Ohio. This soccer league association would be to provide the oversight and guidance of youth through adult players for the game of soccer using guidelines set forth by the United States Soccer Federation. There was a youth soccer association long ago in the Fredericktown Community, however, has been absent for years.  A church program was hostin...
Fredericktown Community Soccer League Development
Living Springs Community Survey (3 responses) Living Springs Community Survey
Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program requests your help.  Please complete the following Community Partner Satisfaction Survey based on our collaborations with your organization.  Thank you for your time.
Fostoria Community Survey (350 responses)
Dear Resident, This survey is part of an overall project to help us better understand the needs and wants of Fostoria residents. We are seeking feedback and insight on how you view the community and what you would like to see in the future. Your feedback will help us in the future development of Fostoria. We value your opinion and thank you for participating in our community survey!
Fostoria Community Survey
Community Roots Distance Learning Survey (75 responses) Community Roots Distance Learning Survey
Community Day (59 responses) Community Day
Community Health Huddle Book Club Survey (2 responses)
The Community Health Huddle team found the reading and review/discussion of Switch to be beneficial in both their personal and professional lives. As such, members of the team discussed continuing to introduce books that align with the work we are doing. This survey is designed to seak your input and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for taking the time provide input.
Community Health Huddle Book Club Survey
Riverpoint Community Church Health Survey (150 responses) Riverpoint Community Church Health Survey
Domestic Violence Community Readiness Survey (56 responses)
A survey of Potter Community leaders identified 5 risk factors that can lead to domestic violence and prevent victims from leaving their abusers. 1. Lack of basic life skills (for example, money management, cooking, cleaning, basic child care) 2. Lack of public transportation 3. Lack of affordable housing 4. Lack of awareness of services and resources from government and private agencies available to them 5. Lack of mental health services and support We are interested in hearing ideas from t...
Domestic Violence Community Readiness Survey
Puteras Survey (4 responses)
Queridas Puteras, El INE ha creado una encuesta con el fin de estudiar el comportamiento de las puteras en su habitat natural. Aquí les dejo un link para acceder a la encuesta. Se ruega su difusión para que el estudio sea lo mas completo posible. Un saludo y muchas gracias por su colaboración.
Puteras Survey
Windmill Harbour - Community Dock and Fitness Trail Survey (188 responses)
In the 2018 Amenities Survey, the top six amenities favored by the respondents were High Speed Internet, Walkway Lighting, Dog Park, Heated/Chilled Community Pool, Community Pier Dock Space, and Fitness Trail. Of these, High Speed Internet has been installed, the Heater/Chiller unit has been added to the Community Pool, cost estimates are being secured for the Dog Park, and the Walkway Lighting is being scoped out and mapped. The purpose of this survey is to help the Long Range Planning &...
Windmill Harbour - Community Dock and Fitness Trail Survey
Implementation of Community Safety Department in Hanson Canada (29 responses) Implementation of Community Safety Department in Hanson Canada
Chocolate Perception Survey (43 responses)
We are students of marketing in the central University (Colombian University), and at the moment we are doing a study about the consume of chocolates with coffee insidein the market, having as reference that you are a person who consumes Chocolatinas, Could you help me with the following survey regarding the above topic?
Chocolate Perception Survey
Community of Learning | VU Designer | 2017 Confidence Survey |Pre-Assessment
This pre-assessment is designed to capture your level of confidence using the tools required to be successful in the Instructional Designer Role.
Community of Learning | VU Designer | 2017 Confidence Survey |Pre-Assessment
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