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The objective of this survey is to investigate the preferred mode of public transport of the general South African population.
Preferred Mode of Public Transportation User Survey
As part of the vision of the current National Executives of the Church of Pentecost U.S.A., Inc. and the Youth & PENSA Directorate, we want to recognize the service of an outstanding Youth & PENSA member who has been impactful in promoting and supporting the growth of the Ministry and the LOCAL church.Submission of nomination for this award is limited to the Regional Leadership by filling and submitting the below nomination form. Only one nominee is allowed for each region. God bless y...
National Head Most Impactful Youth & PENSA Member Award
TNPA SOCCER- Poll on Preferred playing days
Please select which option is your most preferred.
Exam Wednesday vs Friday
Lunch choice (
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Lunch choice
Preferred methods of learning
Suggest your best person...
Kalam Excellence Award
Please select one of the choices.
October Book Club Choice
Hi Team, please select the option preferred
LE get together venue
In an effort to provide better service, we will be changing and begin utlizing NRG's preferred coffee vendor in the Philadelphia office. We will continue to offer two Regular options and one DeCaf. There are a number of popular regular coffee brands from which to choose, and we'd like to put the selection process in your hands. Please vote on your favorite choice. The two brands with the most votes will be selected.
Coffee Brand Selection
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