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The STEP Project Survey (
  • 2018, 
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Few Family Medicine Residency Programs are modeling or training residents and medical students in Addiction Medicine in order to identify, reduce, and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependance on drugs. This leads to place a greater emphasis on the need for more formal education in Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Doing so, we are aiming to close the gap beteween interventions and standards of practice in primary care.
The STEP Project Survey
Indoor Golf Entertainment (
  • 2021, 
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Hello all,First off, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to take my survey. Each of you has had tremendous effect on my life growing up in your own way and your opinion is valuable to me. All of you are close friends, family, and friends I haven't spoken to in some time. I consider you all equal and would ask that you keep this very simple moving forward as we press on, hopefully accomplishing this goal. Answer the survey, feel free to reach out, and of course I would love to answer an...
Indoor Golf Entertainment
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This a survey for all students who play some or the othe kind of indoor sport and wish that they had that facility offered to them. How bad do you want it? Does a new indoor sports cum cultural facility excite you, answer the survey and help me find out!thanks in advancehave a nice day
Hello! Next Tuesday, 4/20, will be our last Small Group Session. We want to thank you for your commitment and participation! Since this is a Bonus Week, we have a couple of options for topics and would like your input. We also want your opinion for future Small Group Sessions. Attached is a short survey which will help us with planning our last week, and moving forward with other sessions.Thanks in advance for your input and honesty.
Smart Step Family Small Group Survey
Thank you for taking this survey! This is part of a project for my Public Relations Research Design class, and I appreciate your help!
Survey of Use of Indoor Tanning Beds
Hello Everyone,We are hoping you would answer a few questions regarding the KEYSA Indoor Winter REP Season that we just had. We appreicate your time and your feedback. Thank you from KEYSA
KEYSA REP/DEV Indoor Winter Season Survey
Next Level You Survey part2 (
  • 2020, 
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Hours were spent to prepare for our session, I only need 60 seconds of your time to answer the survey. Tell us your thoughts and help us prepare for our next session!Page 1 is about the session.Page 2 is for a quick review.
Next Level You Survey part2
HI PET PEOPLE!Looking for a market of people who may be interested in the idea of an indoor dog park in Mesa that offers grooming, doggie daycare, and boarding! We would like to get an idea of people interested in the benefits of a large indoor dog park! your feedback is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
Dear Teachers, We hope that you found Friday's talk to be informative and that we answered some of your lingering questions about hand dominance. Please could you fill in this quick survey. Your valuable feedback will help us ensure that all future talks remain relevant and teacher centred. Wishing you a happy week. Kind regards, Nicole & Elana from the Step by Step team
Survey Feedback for the Hand Dominance Talk presented by Step by Step OT
Next Quarterly Business Meetings
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