SOB - Stamp out bullying application

Sob is an app currently in the early stages of development, researching and designing, the idea of the app is to help and support young children on a daily basis to get through the day and encouraging them to seek help and letting them know that there is always someone there they can talk to for help and support. So far the main idea is to send daily notifications asking how the child is feeling with a few options, sad, happy, angry etc., depending on the answers given helpful advice and support will be given so the child knows they are not alone in this and that there is always someone to talk to weather they choose to or not. There is also an automated ‘friend’ to talk to similar to siri (on apple phones) so if the child doesn’t feel confident enough to tell someone they have someone to confide in that is totally confidential. The clever part of this app is that it will record all details like a diary which makes it easier to pin point specific dates when the bullying was at its worse, also it will determine whether the situation is improving or not.
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