Awareness of Islamic banking products and services among non-Muslim

Dear respondents, I am postgraduate student of Master in Islamic finance and banking (MIFB) from University Utara Malaysia. I am doing my final research proposal project about “Awareness of Islamic banking products and services among non-Muslim ” and I hope that you could make me a favor by helping me to fill up my questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of two parts. There is Part A consist of section A which is referring to the respondents’ demographic profile, while Part B consist of Section B,C, and D where section B referring to awareness and Section C is referring to factors affecting awareness and Section D is open ended questions. All information provided by you will be treated as PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL and used merely for academic purposes. Thank you for your cooperation and support towards this study. Yours sincerely, Nur Fatini binti Mazlan Master in Islamic Finance and banking (MIFB) University Utara Malaysia 06010 Sintok, Kedah 017-4778676
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