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As we have seen, if any TM have asked the Cx that he have escalated the issue, its either PET, SR or mail to relevant team. Currently, we have access to fetch any PET or SR raised from that account. However, when the previous TM have raised the mail, we do not have any access or path to follow-up on that.

To resolve this issue, as an entire GCS team, we can follow same SOP so that we can save our time in contacting previous TM, which in many cases is not available or might have logged out or on break.

Proposed method:

While raising the email, we can follow mail thread template: INCS//**Acc No**//Brief issue

When the TM have raised any mail thread, TM needs to notate the mail thread in account without miss.


When the next TM gets the chat, he can see that a mail thread is opened by the previous TM. So, TM will copy the mail thread and search in his outlook inbox. TM can easily fetch the mail thread and can do the follow-up on that. In this way a lot of hold time will be saved of TM and it will provide better experience to the Cx.

How to achieve

All Team mates should be updated that whenever they are escalating the mail thread, they need to mention it Notate section. 

Also, in each email, below mentioned email address should be mentioned mandatorily.

1: Relevant team/ POC email address


3: dl-pp-blr-indiachat-indiavoice

4: TL of Team mate.

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