Intrinsic Motivation and Creativity in the Classroom

Dear LinkedIn User:

My name is Sarah Porzucek and I am a graduate student at Daemen College. I am interested in studying intrinsic motivation and how it drives student creativity in a classroom. My faculty research advisor is Dr. Steven J. Harvey.

Current educators are invited to take part in this research survey that explores the basis for creativity and the drivers of student motivation. Please read this form carefully and ask any questions you may have prior to deciding whether or not to take part in this project.

What the project is about:

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the intrinsic motivation that drives student creativity in a classroom.

What you will be asked to do: 

Participation in this survey analysis involves completing an anonymous survey that consists of 20 items which takes approximately 5 minutes and assess things like your view on creativity, when you find students to be most creative, and student motivation. All survey questions are based on the opinion of the respondents and do not ask for any identifying information. All records of the data will be kept for three years after the conclusion of this project.

Risks, Benefits and Compensation: 

There are no known risks, benefits, or compensation to you related to participating in this survey.   However, participants may reflect on their personal beliefs of creativity and motivation as it pertains to their students.


Participant answers will be anonymous, and confidentiality of raw data will be strictly maintained. All data will be reported in aggregate form, and any information that could make it possible to identify participants will not be included in any reports. Raw data will be exported and kept securely on my personal computer and will be password protected.

Taking part in this survey is completely voluntary. You may skip any question that you do not want to answer. If you decide to take part, you are free to withdraw at any time prior to clicking ‘Finish’ at the end of the survey (at which point your completed responses to the survey will be entered into the pool of anonymous survey responses and not able to be separated and removed from the aggregate data collected).

If you have any questions regarding participation and/or the project at any time, please contact me at; or my faculty research advisor at This project was reviewed and received a Certification of Exemption by the Daemen College Human Subjects Research Review Committee; please contact the HSRRC at for any questions about your rights as a research participant or if you would like to make a complaint.

Thank you for considering participation in this survey,

Sarah Porzucek

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