Would a Sequim Methodone Clinic Affect Your Decision to Retire and Buy a Home in Sequim?

2019,  United States

The city of Sequim is considering the approval of a Methadone clinic within the Sequim City limits, and there's some discussion about moving it outside the city into the Clallam County jurisdiction. Regardless of the specific location, there are questions about whether the clinic's treatment services are an effective way to help people overcome opioid addictions, and there are serious questions that no one can answer regarding the likelihood of increased crime rates, increased homelessness in Sequim, and whether the Sequim area real estate market will take a hit in lower sales and in lower prices. This survey is intended to take the pulse of Sequim and Clallam County residents as well as people from outside the area. Thank you for your participation on this pulse, and please share the link with friends and neighbors so they can also take the survey. The larger the number of people who take the survey, the more credible the survey results will be, and the results will be made available on SequimBlog.com.

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