Preliminary American Coffee Shop Questionnaire for Northern Ireland Market

2017,  United Kingdom
We are a group of students who are studying Business with Marketing at the University of Ulster, Magee. The purpose of this research is to investigate the potential benefits and/or drawbacks of an American Coffee Chain opening franchises in Northern Ireland. Thus, we ask you to complete this questionnaire for us as part of our ongoing market research. Prior to completing this questionnaire, please ensure you carefully read the following - By filling out this questionnaire, you confirm that you are between the age of 18-65. Are not considered to be a vulnerable adult and; you may withdraw at any time. We would like to ensure you are aware that all information collected from this questionnaire is confidential. We thank you for taking time to participate in this questionnaire to assist with our market research. We ask that you answer all questions as honestly as possible. Kind regards, Emma.
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