Drug Abuse

This survey explores behaviors and stressors that are consistent with caretakers and support givers of people abusing drugs. The purpose is to get responses and feedback necessary to provide help that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of this group of persons. The questionnaire is anonymous and for research purposes only.Data will be treated confidentially and will not be made available to any third parties. Participants are thus encouraged to be as open and truthful as possible, as the outcome of this survey is intended to be used as a guide to planning a support program for the target group (caregivers of drug users). Key Words: Drug Abuse: Habitual use of any substance that alters one's mood, state of consciousness or affect, for recreational or pleasure purposes, with or without a doctor's prescription. Primary Caregiver: a person who shoulders the responsibility of caring for and ensuring that the other person is well and in good condition e.g. mother, father, sibling, spouse, etc.
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