Racial Stereotypes and The Media

Informed Consent:

[Media and Racial Stereotypes]


Project Description: In this proposal, we decided to examine the rhetoric in the media, how criminals are perceived or stereotyped. Everyone has their own perspective of a criminal but, sometimes the media plays a big part into why people have the assumptions/perspectives that they do have. The things that media puts out there about criminals cause people to have a number of stereotypes and assumptions of what the normal criminal is. In the media, it seems like most crimes they display it has something to do with a minority which makes most people think that majority of minorities in a community is a criminal. So with that, we would like to find out how our fellow college-mates perceive a criminal by asking them “What do you think is society's perception of a criminal?”

Procedure and Risks:

I would like to use the information from this survey in my English 201 paper. No personal identifiers will be used to ensure your anonymity. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want. You can decide not to answer any question or to stop the survey any time you want.

There are no known risks associated with participation in the study.


It is hoped that your insight into the topic of my research will help me in my understanding of this issue and will help me succeed in my English course.

Cost Compensation:

Participation in this study will involve no costs or payments to you.


All information collected during the study period will be kept strictly confidential and will be destroyed after the project is completed. No publications or reports from this project will include identifying information on any participant without your signed permission, and after your review of the materials. By continuing to the study, you agree to the above conditions. Thank you for your time.

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