Assess Travel Preferences and Consumption Patterns of Domestic Tourists in Mainland China

I am a student from University of the West of Scotland, in conducting a survey on the travel preferences and consumption patterns of domestic tourists in China. I hope to be able to collect relevant information for academic purposes, all data collection will be treated confidentially. This questionnaire does not need to fill in personal data. Thank you for your helping!

您好! 本人是 University of the West of Scotland 學生,正在進行一項關於國內旅遊的消費模式與旅遊偏好之調查,本人希望能夠收集到相關資料以作學術用途,所有收集資料將保密處理,而有關問卷並不需要填寫個人資料,敬希各位幫忙填寫,謝謝!

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