Freeco: Eco friendly Sustainable Freedom Wear

Our why is to offer eco friendly & upcycled fashion as a way to reduce global waste.  Over the past year I have been designing a eco-friendly fashion line that uses hemp, bamboo & upcycled fashion.  The initial launch is to present our upcycled fashion services, so I am asking for feedback whilst I plan the final touches on this exciting venture. I have always loved sewing, textiles and fashion and combining those loves with my eco-conscious spirit is important to me. 

What’s old is new again, but with a twist.

Thrift is still a trend today and a big reason some people upcycle. Others enjoy the artistic aesthetic, with lots of upcycled items rivaling those found in high-end department stores. But one of the biggest reasons for the rebirth of upcycling is the positive impact on the environment. Items destined for the dump are rescued and remade into something useful.

For the younger older women and young hipsters/artist/activists types who choose high quality eco-friendly fashion over trends. For the babies & kids of these socially conscious women, we have it. We are excited about our upcoming range of beautiful handmade eco-friendly fashion; they are the perfect unique gift. For the free-spirit, bohemian, dreamer, gypsy, hippie earth child… 

Lots of clothes, but nothing to wear? Lots of clothes, yet out of style buy love the textile and memories made? Feeling overwhelmed with shopping due to lack of choice and sizing? Freeco has a closet service to make the most out of what you already have and help you get out of that fashion rut. Our service is offers two restyled pieces created from your old wardrobe loves!

Designed and created in Canada by proud Canadians.  

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